Get to the Valley, the Robots are Coming!

by Murali Gopalakrishna

The robots are coming to GTC, but it’s their masters you’ll really want to connect with at our ninth annual GPU Technology Conference.

From agriculture to healthcare, a wave of robots, unmanned aerial vehicles and drones are changing industries. Get the inside perspective on how these autonomous machines learn, adapt and evolve — and what the future holds for them — at GTC, running March 26-29 at the San Jose Convention Center.

There’s an incredible lineup of speakers, hands-on labs, posters and more on tap.

From Mars Rovers to Smart Manufacturing

Our list of featured speakers and sessions reads like a field guide to cutting-edge deep learning and autonomous machines. Academics, researchers and industry leaders from Berkeley, Marble, MIT, SCISYS, Stanford, Udacity and more of the world’s most prominent organizations will be delivering more than 50 Autonomous Machines sessions at GTC.

Some of the featured highlights:

  • Learning to Learn: Pieter Abbeel, of Berkeley, OpenAI and Gradescope, will discuss deep learning for robotics and bringing AI to manufacturing and logistics.
  • To Mars and Back: Hear about how GPUs are being used for machine intelligence, from Mars rovers to industrial inspection right here on Earth, from Mark Woods, head of Autonomy and Robotics at SCISYS.
  • Carving the Corners: Learn about autonomous driving corner cases powered by NVIDIA Jetson from Sascha Hornauer, visiting research scholar at UC Berkeley’s International Computer Science Institute.

Robotics Round-Up in Exhibition Hall

We’ve wrangled an assortment of robots under one roof that can visualize, inspect, collaborate, navigate and deliver. Be on the lookout for them inside and outside of the GTC exhibition hall. We’ll have a few surprises in store, including a food delivery robot.

Some of the bots you can spot:

  • Veo Robotics: A company that brings perception and intelligence to industrial robots, so that humans and machines can work safely together.
  • IAm Robotics: A retail and warehouse robot that stocks products, pulls them off shelves and loads carts.
  • Skycatch: An intelligent drone that does autonomous aerial mapping to help build jobsites of the future.

This Show Is Hands-On

Soaking up the wisdom of an incredible group of speakers might be enough for some conferences, but this is GTC. Roll up your sleeves and dive into the code in hands-on labs. There’s something for everyone — from introductory courses to advanced robotics.

Expert Advice, No Waiting

NVIDIA Jetson is the world’s leading computing platform for AI at the edge. High in performance and energy efficient, it’s ideal for compute-intensive embedded applications like robots, drones, medical imaging and instruments, along with Smart City offerings.

Whether you’re an manufacturer, independent developer or hobbyist, odds are you’ve got a question or two about working with Jetson. Come to GTC and get some answers. Jetson experts will be available to answer questions related to TensorRT, DeepStream, CUDA and more.

Register for GTC today.