Enterprises Dial Up Focus on AI Adoption at GTC

‘AI for Business’ activities at GPU Technology Conference address the most pressing issues organizations face in adopting AI.
by Lisa Lahde

AI isn’t just for developers anymore. Business leaders across the enterprise will be joining thousands of researchers, startups and developers attending the GPU Technology Conference this month.

The draw: A new focus area – AI for Business – that explores critical cross-industry concerns, such as scaling proofs of concept, security and market trends, as well as in-depth use cases to illuminate successes and roadblocks.

AI for Business kicks off Tuesday, March 27, with four sessions featuring industry leaders, analysts and a first-of-its-kind Deep Learning Institute workshop for executives.

  • Rapid Pace of Change and Industry Progress featuring John Abbott and Nick Patience, co-founders and vice presidents of research at 451 Research. They’ll explore the progress of AI adoption over the last year, the industries that are leaping ahead, new AI innovations that will serve cross-industry concerns, and what businesses should expect in terms of adoption maturity in 2018.
  • Success in the Age of AI with Mike Sutcliff, group CEO at Accenture Digital. Businesses across industries are seeing unprecedented levels of efficiencies and productivity. Learn how Accenture is optimizing itself in the age of AI, as well as how it guides its customers to success using best practices, insights and measurement to help inform their AI roadmaps.
  • AI for Social Good as an Innovation Driver moderated by Catherine Ordun, senior data scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton and featuring panelists Dr. Richard Wender, chief cancer control officer at the American Cancer Society, Josh Sullivan, senior vice president of analytics and data science at Booz Allen Hamilton, and Ben Hamner, co-founder and CTO at Kaggle. Innovation takes many forms and can be led by stakeholders from across an organization. The panel will look at the ways companies are using AI for social good to transform their business and their industries. 
  • Deep Learning Institute Executive Workshop kicks off with Bryan Catanzaro, vice president of applied research at NVIDIA, who will walk through practical applications of AI as well as best practices and industry use cases from Kaiser Permanente, PayPal and Deserve.

AI for Business activities continue with seven sessions on Wednesday, March 28:

  • Matching DS Organizational Maturity to DS Skills to Optimally Grow Your Team with Jesse Spencer-Smith, director of data science at HCA Healthcare
  • The Path to ROI with AI with Wayne Thompson, chief data scientist at SAS
  • Scaling AI POCs Across the Enterprise with Omar Dhalla, senior vice president of industry solutions at Element AI
  • Deep Learning Implementers Panel: Insights for Accelerating Deep Learning Performance, Productivity and Scale moderated by Tony Paikeday, director of AI and deep learning at NVIDIA, and featuring Neil Tenenholtz, senior machine learning scientist at MGH, Arun K. Subramaniyan, vice president of data science and analytics at BHGE Digital, and Brian Gamido, head of business at Deepgram
  • From Dark Matter Detection to Deep Learning in Enterprise with Scott Stephenson, Co-Founder and CEO, Deepgram
  • AI-Powered Security for the Enterprise moderated by Iain Cunningham, vice president of intellectual property and cybersecurity at NVIDIA, and featuring Josh Patterson, director at NVIDIA, Peter Guerra, chief data scientist and vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton, and Leo Meyerovich, founder of Graphistry
  • Pioneering AI for All with Danny Lange, vice president of AI and machine learning at Unity Technologies

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