See How the Cloud is Extending the Reach of AI at GTC 2018

Data scientists, researchers and developers are solving big challenges with AI, and they’re doing it in more ways than ever before.
by Chris Kawalek

Whether working on desktop systems with NVIDIA GPUs, on data center hardware such as NVIDIA DGX Systems, or using NVIDIA GPUs on cloud service providers, there are now more places than ever to run GPU-accelerated software.

Attendees at this year’s GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley can learn how to integrate the cloud into their deep learning workflows, giving them immediate access to the latest optimized software and GPU innovations, and allowing them to scale their research on demand.

Here are a few cloud-focused sessions to consider:

How to Use NGC Containers on AWS
This session is a primer on deep learning with NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC). Learn from NVIDIA’s Scott Ellis and Jeff Weiss how to access deep learning containers on NGC and run them on Amazon Web Services with NVIDIA GPUs.

Inside NVIDIA GPU Cloud Deep Learning Framework Containers
NVIDIA’s Chris Lamb and John Barco will get into the anatomy of NGC deep learning containers, their composition and the optimizations that make them run at peak performance on NVIDIA GPUs across the desktop, the data center and the cloud.

Predicting 4G Wireless Network Quality with Deep-Learning Algorithm
Verizon’s Bryan Larish will discuss using machine learning to troubleshoot and optimize the radio access network, machine learning’s impact on the network architecture and how GPUs in the cloud help them overcome computational bottlenecks.

Connect with the Experts: NVIDIA GPU Cloud
If you have questions about how NGC can help your projects, come to this session to chat with NVIDIA’s John Barco, Adam Beberg, Chris Lamb and Phil Rogers, who have all been instrumental in the development of NGC.

NVIDIA IndeX 2.0 – Advanced Large-Scale Data Visualizations on the NVIDIA GPU Cloud
NGC features not only deep learning containers, but also containers for HPC applications and visualization. Join this session to hear NVIDIA’s Marc Nienhaus, Alexander Kuhn and Christopher Lux discuss NVIDIA IndeX 2.0 and custom visualization techniques that leverage NGC.

For more sessions like these, search the GTC directory for NGC or cloud.

And if you’re interested in deep learning with NVIDIA DGX Systems, check out this blog by NVIDIA’s Tony Paikeday. He covers AI infrastructure trends that will be discussed at GTC and highlights a number of interesting sessions for you to consider for your conference schedule.

Join the NVIDIA GPU Cloud Team for an Informal Meetup

Last, you won’t want to miss the NVIDIA GPU Cloud meetup on Tuesday, March 27, from 7-9 p.m. It will be a great opportunity to get additional insight on topics related to NGC, and to network with your deep learning peers. Food and drink will be provided, but space is limited, so reserve your spot now.

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