GPU-Accelerated Analytics Now Available On-Demand with MapD Cloud

by Jim McHugh

Real-time ray tracing. The world’s most powerful AI system. The ability to simulate millions of self-driving car miles.

NVIDIA announced transformative GPU-accelerated innovations at our GPU Technology Conference last month.

Our partner, MapD, made its own news during GTC 2018, when it launched MapD Cloud, the world’s first software-as-a service offering GPU-accelerated analytics.

GPU Processing Power for Anyone with a Web Browser

MapD Cloud transforms data analytics. It’s a field millions of people engage in every day, but never before with such speed and ease.

Now, analysts and data scientists everywhere can access the MapD Extreme Analytics platform in a web browser and, with a couple of clicks, experience the world’s fastest open source SQL engine and visual analytics.

MapD Cloud harnesses the massively parallel processing power of NVIDIA GPUs so data analysts, geospatial analysts and data scientists can query and visualize huge datasets, with near zero latency.

“Customers tell us their traditional analytics tools are failing to cope with the torrent of massive datasets their organizations are facing. While MapD was invented to solve that problem, our vision has always been to make this available to the many, not the few,” said Todd Mostak, co-founder and CEO of MapD. “The launch of MapD Cloud is a milestone toward that vision, following in the footsteps of open sourcing our core technology nearly a year ago.”

Toward Mainstream Adoption of GPU-Accelerated Analytics

MapD Cloud is available at several subscription tiers, with pricing starting as low as $150 a month, for up to 10 million-row structured datasets. All users can start with a free, 2-week trial, for up to 100 million rows. For large organizations, MapD provides an enterprise-grade, managed cloud service that scales to tens of billions of records, while still providing sub-second query performance.

The MapD platform also remains available as a download (open source or enterprise license) for customers wanting to run on their own hardware.

Now that MapD Cloud, powered by NVIDIA GPUs, is a few clicks away for anyone with an internet connection, we’re looking forward to seeing how many more analysts and data scientists put it to work, solving challenges in industries like automotive, telecommunications, retail, finance, manufacturing and advertising.