NVIDIA, SoftBank Incubator DEEPCORE Team Up to Fuel AI Startups in Japan

by Arjun Dutt

NVIDIA and DEEPCORE, a Tokyo-based startup incubator owned by SoftBank, are working together to support AI startups and promote university research programs across Japan.

Launched earlier this year with a mission to cultivate entrepreneurs who aspire to change the world with technology, DEEPCORE will use NVIDIA’s AI computing platform to build out the technology infrastructure of its incubation program.

Program members will have access to NVIDIA DGX systems and the NVIDIA GPU Cloud, which gives researchers and data scientists easy access to a comprehensive catalog of GPU-optimized software tools for deep learning and high performance computing. DEEPCORE is developing its GPU-accelerated AI computing platform in its open, collaboration-focused R&D space, called KERNEL, located near the University of Tokyo.

NVIDIA will offer AI training to DEEPCORE customers and incubator members via its Deep Learning Institute, which provides hands-on training for developers, data scientists and researchers.

NVIDIA will also provide technical and business advice to members regarding its GPU-accelerated products and services.

DEEPCORE and NVIDIA additionally plan to explore business opportunities for members as part of NVIDIA’s Inception program, a virtual startup accelerator working with more than 2,800 companies around the world.

DEEPCORE works in collaboration with the University of Tokyo and other top schools to unleash the potential in technology for entrepreneurs, researchers, engineers and others in Japan and around the globe.