GPU-Accelerate the Intelligent Enterprise at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW

by Renee Yao

Self-driving cars and Go-beating algorithms get most of the media attention, but businesses of all sorts can use AI to get better control of their operations and boost efficiency.

Many HR departments spend more than 60 percent of their time reviewing resumes, according to SAP. And 70 percent of customers expect a response to their complaints within an hour on social media, bogging down customer support teams. Meanwhile, marketing teams are often blind to how well paid placements of their brands perform at sports events.

NVIDIA and SAP are working to help businesses transform these operations with GPU-accelerated AI, and we’re making it easy to do so with any platform or vendor.

SAP has launched several GPU-accelerated SAP Leonardo machine learning applications, including Resume Matching application, Service Ticket Intelligent application, Brand Impact application, and Accounts Payable application, with more to come.

Join us and many influencers at SAPPHIRE NOW this week in Orlando, Fla., to explore a GPU-accelerated and purpose-driven future where self-optimizing and context-sensitive processes free people to focus on their business essentials.

Among those speaking live at the show:

NVIDIA’s Jim McHugh and SAP’s Arlen Shenkman will speak at SAPPHIRE NOW.
  • NVIDIA VP and GM Jim McHugh joins SAP EVP Arlen Shenkman on how to seize the opportunity for AI innovations with ecosystem partners.
  • CEO of the Bloor Group and SAP Influencer Eric Kavanagh interviews SAP VP of Machine Learning Markus Noga and McHugh on the latest AI trends and the companies’ collaboration.
  • ASUG (Americas SAP Users Group) News Broadcast asks McHugh to summarize the latest technology breakthroughs in the industrial sector.
  • The Cube and McHugh have a live discussion on how GPU computing is paving the way for purposeful use cases across industries.
  • Tricia Manning-Smith, host of “Sapphire Live!,” and McHugh engage in a conversation on how GPUs transform industries such as media/entertainment and healthcare.
  • SAP Head of Machine Learning Computer Vision Mike Kemelmakher and I take you through a live demo of Brand Impact ROI.

SAP and NVIDIA have been focused on building a strong partner ecosystem. NVIDIA will be in many partner booths at SAPPHIRE NOW to showcase the momentum of the AI revolution. To name a few, we will be in:

Partners booth locations at SAPPHIRE NOW.
  • Cisco booth 550 to showcase how GPU-aware Kubernetes helps orchestrate AI workloads on Cisco HyperFlex, powered by NVIDIA Tesla V100
  • Dell booth 343 to talk about how PowerEdge C4140 Rack Server, powered by NVIDIA V100, addresses training and inference for the most demanding HPC, data visualization and AI workloads.
  • HPE booth 241 to demonstrate the importance of AI powered at the core by HPE Apollo 6500, running on NVIDIA V100, and shifting the model runtime to edge with converged HPE Edgeline Systems using NVIDIA Tesla P4 GPUs.
  • Lenovo Booth 558 to demonstrate the power of AI in healthcare and beyond. Together, we’re empowering organizations with the resources that enable the Intelligence Transformation. Come see Lenovo’s LeHeath demo for automatically segmenting liver lesions in CT volumes, along with the LiCO platform powered by the latest NVIDIA GPU technology.
Lenovo E-Health automatically segments liver lesions in CT volumes.
  • NetApp booth 108 to share how we can use a real-time style transfer demo on NVIDIA DGX systems to transform looks in subseconds. And to learn more about the Scalable Infrastructure for AI based on NVIDIA DGX-1 and the new NetApp A800 all flash storage system that enables organizations to start small and grow seamlessly as number of AI projects and dataset sizes increase.
  • Pure Storage booth 1445 to showcase AIRI — the AI-Ready Infrastructure — an integrated AI solution that combines four DGX-1 and Pure Storage FlashBlade. In case you missed it, we also launched the AIRI mini last week.

Join us June 4-7 to see how this is just the tip of the iceberg of an industrial change. If you won’t be at the conference, follow @NVIDIADC and #SAPPHIRENOW on Twitter for real-time updates.