NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation Comes to Google Cloud

Google Cloud is the first cloud provider to offer NVIDIA T4 GPUs and RTX technology for virtual workstations.
by Anne Hecht

NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation (Quadro vWS) is now available on Google Cloud Platform.

GCP is the first cloud instance to offer Quadro vWS on NVIDIA T4, one of the most versatile cloud GPUs.

Quadro vWS with NVIDIA T4 leverages the latest NVIDIA Turing architecture and RTX technology, allowing GCP users to deploy next-generation computer graphics — including real-time ray tracing, AI, simulation and rasterization — from any location, on any device.

GCP users can tap into powerful capabilities for AI and graphics workloads, as the Turing-based T4 GPU has Tensor Cores to accelerate deployment of AI services and RT Cores to boost ray tracing and batch rendering.

Enterprises are turning to cloud-based solutions for enhanced performance and flexibility. With GPU-enabled virtual workstations, enterprises can provide employees with better experiences on cloud computing, without the cost and complexity of data centers.

For professionals who work with design tools and handle complex workloads such as rendering and simulation, Quadro vWS with RTX technology can transform the creative process through real-time photorealistic rendering and AI-enhanced graphics, video and image processing.

Quadro vWS also provides greater flexibility by allowing companies to scale up and down as business needs change, and pay for only what they need based on hourly usage.

In addition to the NVIDIA T4, the new Quadro vWS instance supports NVIDIA Tesla V100, P100 and P4 GPUs.

Industry Support for Quadro vWS on GCP

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Access NVIDIA Quadro on Google Cloud

Quadro vWS is currently in private beta and will be available to the general public this month on GCP Marketplace.

Google Cloud users can easily configure Quadro vWS with the NVIDIA GPU instance, vCPU, memory and storage they need, without having to purchase any physical hardware and infrastructure.

Visit NVIDIA booth 1209 at Google Cloud Next ’19 and experience interactive rendering and real-time ray tracing on Quadro Virtual Workstation using RTX technology, on GCP.