Kickstart Your AI Startup with an Inception Award

by Arjun Dutt

Have a game-changing AI product? Here’s your opportunity to win cash — and industry-wide recognition — to accelerate your work.

At the GPU Technology Conference in late March, NVIDIA will be handing out Inception award cash prizes to the world’s best AI startups. Inception is our virtual accelerator program, which now supports more than 2,200 fledgling businesses revolutionizing industries with AI. Last year, the prize purse was worth $1.5 million.

This year, we’re seeking 12 startups across three categories — healthcare, autonomous systems and enterprise — to compete on March 6, ahead of the main event. This dynamic dozen will present on stage in front of an audience of international VCs, executives and media. Submit your proposal to be one of them.

Two finalists from each category will get to do a final pitch at GTC, the world’s premier AI and deep learning event, in Silicon Valley on March 26-29.

The three winners — one from each category — will be announced on Tuesday the week of the show, with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang presenting the awards.

To be eligible for the Inception awards, startups must be using AI/deep learning, have been founded no earlier than 2015, and have raised no more than $5 million in funding. Applications for the awards closes on Feb. 9. Finalists will be selected based on a range of criteria, including their innovative application of AI and their commercial potential.

Apply for the GTC 2018 Inception awards today at

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  • RAW

    I love that NVIDIA is motivating deep-learning startups by offering cash rewards! They are crazy like a FOX! This incentive will prompt innovators to take deep-learning into previously unknown areas of research and discovery. We cannot begin to know what will be the biggest application of this technology in even five or ten years. (It is still in its infancy.)

    If you have a possible application for pattern recognition, then be sure to check out NVIDIA’s free Deep Learning courses which are online in the Cloud! You don’t have to buy a supercomputer to try an idea, although you may want to do that if you think the sky is the limit on your new Deep Learning application. Good Luck Everyone!

    The future is coming at a breakneck speed, and it will be powered by companies like NVIDIA!

    Disclosure: I am LONG on NVDA.

    R. Allan Worrell