Leading the Charge to an Electric Future: Audi Unveils E-Tron SUV

Audi furthers longstanding NVIDIA partnership with first all-electric vehicle.
by Katie Burke

Some companies ride the current of innovation. Others lead the charge into new technologies.

Amid a crowd of 1,600 reporters and guests in the San Francisco Bay Area, NVIDIA partner Audi unveiled its latest trailblazing vehicle: the e-tron SUV, built to accelerate the age of electric powertrains.

The automaker’s first all-electric vehicle has a stunning cockpit that’s the byproduct of a deep partnership between Audi and NVIDIA, beginning more than a decade ago with infotainment, extending to piloted driving, and now the next generation of luxury vehicles.

“With the e-tron, we are merging the new world of electromobility with more than 100 years of manufacturing premium cars,” said Audi CEO Abraham Schot at the vehicle launch Monday night.

Audi first teased the e-tron electrified product line as a concept in 2009, building on its dedication to sustainability with a variety of electric vehicle model ideas through the years. As the company’s first all-electric production car, the e-tron marks the beginning of Audi’s next phase as an industry leader.

A ‘Smart Space’ for Everyday Traffic

From fast charging to luminous displays, the e-tron makes daily commutes an effortless experience.

With a 95 kWh battery, the electric SUV has a range of nearly 250 miles on a single charge, based on European lab tests. It can also access Electrify America high-speed charging stations, reaching 80 percent charge in just a half hour. This long-range capability means the e-tron can go anywhere, anytime. No range anxiety necessary.

For navigation, entertainment and cabin controls, the e-tron leverages the newest Audi MMI infotainment system, powered by NVIDIA, bringing comfort and convenience to the driver’s fingertips. The broad screen displaying crystal-clear graphics ensures information is easily accessible at all times.

The Audi MMI infotainment system, powered by NVIDIA, brings comfort and convenience to the driver’s fingertips.

“The layout is driver-oriented, it’s an orchestration of shape, of materials, of light and sound,” said Audi chief designer Marc Lichte. “It’s a smart space.”

A Superior Interior

Without a space-consuming engine, the e-tron boasts a roomy interior that seats five adults comfortably. It brings in-car technology to the next level with features like virtual side-view mirror displays and an integrated toll module, freeing drivers from hanging electronic toll tags. Adding another layer of innovation to the luxurious space is a high-tech digital cluster.

The e-tron’s sleek dashboard builds on Audi’s floating virtual cockpit design featured in its A8 and A7 sedans. With NVIDIA technology at its heart, the system displays driving and entertainment features with silky smooth graphics.

A product of industry-leading technology and an innovative partnership with NVIDIA, the Audi e-tron amps up the drive for electric vehicle development.