GTC Japan: Robots, Start Your Engines

Autonomous driving technology will be key feature at global conference.
by Katie Burke

By land, sea and air, robots will arrive in Tokyo as the GPU Technology Conference heads to Japan. But the most anticipated autonomous machines may be the ones that come by road.

With rapidly advancing sensing and processing capabilities, autonomous vehicles are speeding toward reality. And as the home of some of the world’s largest automakers, parts and electronics suppliers, and research institutions, Japan boasts world-leading expertise in self-driving technology.

Take a look at what will be in store for autonomous driving experts and enthusiasts at this year’s GTC Japan, from September 13-14.

Hear from Experts Moving the World Forward

As the automotive industry marches toward global deployment of self-driving cars, trucks and shuttles, companies are fine-tuning every aspect of the vehicle of the future. From sensors, to software, to human-machine interaction, autonomous vehicles will reinvent the way the world moves.

Here’s a preview of some speaker sessions from the automakers, suppliers and researchers driving this transportation revolution:

  • Hiroshi Oyama, automated driving engineer at Subaru, outlines the automaker’s mobility roadmap, as well as the ongoing development of 360-degree object recognition and reinforcement learning control system.
  • Naoki Suganuma, associate professor at Kanazawa University, dives into the best practices in evaluating neural network performance in autonomous vehicle public road tests.
  • Vijay John, assistant professor at the Toyota Technological Institute, discusses a sensor fusion framework for free space and object detection using camera-based deep neural networks.
  • Osamu Ito, assistant chief engineer at Honda R&D, explores how automakers and regulators can take advantage of machine learning technology to keep pedestrians safe.
  • Mitsuyoshi Igai, department manager of embedded solution design at Hitachi ULSI Systems, on using GPU technology to implement camera-based automated driving solutions.
  • Takashi Miyano, president of dSpace Japan, talks about RTMaps, a product that enables manufacturers to integrate software for autonomous driving with a modular approach.

AI-Catching Exhibitors

In addition to distinguished speakers, the show floor at GTC Japan hosts a roster of world-renowned exhibitors, providing the opportunity to experience and interact with cutting-edge autonomous driving technology and experts firsthand.

Stop by the booths of tech giants such as Sony Semiconductor Solutions and Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions to see their latest developments in the self-driving space. Automotive electronics specialists Omron Automotive Electronics, Pioneer and Nexty will offer a sneak peek into the architecture of future vehicles.

Dive Deeper

For more hands-on experience in the world of AI-powered autonomous driving, GTC Japan will host a Deep Learning Institute lab focused on self-driving technology development. The course, Deep Learning for Autonomous Vehicles, will cover how to design, train and deploy deep neural networks for self-driving cars, with a focus on vehicle perception.

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