NVIDIA Accelerates Robotic Development from Cloud to Edge with AWS RoboMaker

With support for AWS RoboMaker, NVIDIA platform allows robots to be developed and deployed faster.
by Murali Gopalakrishna

The NVIDIA Jetson AI computer platform now supports Amazon Web Services AWS RoboMaker.

Robotic simulation and development can now be easily done in the cloud and deployed across millions of robots and other autonomous machines powered by Jetson. This includes NVIDIA’s open source reference platform, JetBot, powered by the newly released Jetson Nano.

AWS RoboMaker is a service that makes it easy to develop, test and deploy intelligent robotics applications at scale. It includes a development environment that enables the editing and debugging of robotics applications in the cloud and a simulation service that lets developers fine-tune robotics applications in simulated environments, rather than perform costly and time-consuming physical testing.

AWS RoboMaker’s over-the-air update system then securely deploys the application to Jetson-powered robots and pushes updates while they’re in use. The result is smart robots that can sense, perceive and take actions, enabling a variety of applications industries, such as manufacturing, retail and healthcare, among others.

“AWS RoboMaker provides pre-built functionality to support customers during their entire project, making it significantly easier to build robots, simulate performance in various environments, iterate faster and drive greater innovation,” said Roger Barga, general manager of AWS Robotics and Automation Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “With NVIDIA JetBot and Jetson Nano supported on AWS RoboMaker, robotics developers can use the power of the cloud and deploy on Jetson to speed innovation.”

“AWS RoboMaker complements our extensive software stack and powerful AI edge computing platform to accelerate robotics for everyone from researchers to makers,” said Deepu Talla, vice president and general manager of Autonomous Machines at NVIDIA. “Now it’s possible to build a wide range of smart robots by developing and simulating in the cloud and then deploying through the powerful Jetson AI at the edge platform.”

Robotic Reference Platforms – From Prototype to Production

The JetBot reference platform is a small mobile robot with Jetson Nano as its AI brain. It joins Jetson Quick Start Platforms, which are “ready-to-code” kits built by NVIDIA partners. Everything is open source and supports AWS RoboMaker to bring robots to market faster.

Jetson Nano is available now and the JetBot reference platform can be accessed on GitHub.