NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation Now Available in Alibaba Cloud Marketplace

Alibaba Cloud is the first public cloud in China to introduce vGPU-based instances, delivering unparalleled 3D experiences from the cloud.
by Anne Hecht

It’s now easier for creative and technical users to deploy GPU-accelerated capabilities to virtual workstations from anywhere, on any device.

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, recently introduced VGN5i, China’s first KVM-based virtual GPU computing instance on public cloud. Available now in private preview, VGN5i instances run on NVIDIA Tesla P4 accelerators, providing GPU computing capabilities for graphics, inference, AR and cloud gaming.

Alibaba Cloud also announced beta access to NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation (Quadro vWS) software in the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace. Quadro vWS enables visual computing workloads for creative and technical professionals such as CAD, real-time simulation, rendering, photo-realistic imaging and product design.

The combination of the VGN5i instance and Quadro vWS software delivers powerful yet affordable workstation capabilities.

Quadro Accelerates Any Virtual Workload

Companies across industries, especially architecture, manufacturing, entertainment and others, need GPUs to support professional workflows and enhance the user experience. For those with mobile or elastic workforces, cloud computing provides flexibility.

Cloud-based workstations make it possible to quickly provision powerful Quadro capabilities while keeping data and models secure in the data center.

Alibaba Cloud is the one of the first cloud computing service providers to introduce virtual GPU (vGPU) technology, which enables multiple virtual machines to share the physical GPU installed on the server. From desktop-as-a-service to 3D graphics workloads, users can access the right amount of GPU power they need, depending on the workload and size of the data set.

Quadro vWS software includes support for vGPU technology to efficiently provide users with industry-leading GPU acceleration on any device.

The flexibility of vGPU allows enterprises to use GPUs on various use cases, enhancing the efficiency of operation and maintenance. And with online consulting and fast troubleshooting services available for Quadro vWS in the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace, customers in China can quickly get up to speed during the migration to virtual workstations.

NVIDIA T4 Packs Powerful Performance

Alibaba Cloud plans to expand its computing instances later this year with VGN6i, a vGPU computing instance based on NVIDIA T4, the most versatile cloud GPU.

For companies that need GPU power for the most complex AI and graphics workloads, the Turing-based T4 has Tensor Cores to accelerate deployment of AI services and RT Cores to accelerate ray tracing and batch rendering.

For more information, learn about NVIDIA Quadro vWS or see Alibaba Cloud’s latest announcement.