Get Smart: Join the 7,000+ People Trained on Deep Learning This Year

by Will Ramey

When the Deep Learning Institute was conceived, we had a hunch that the growing interest in the topic would result in big demand for training in this powerful new technology.

Turns out, it’s even bigger than we expected.

In just nine months, the institute has trained over 7,000 people worldwide in how to apply deep learning to solve complex problems in such areas as image recognition, object detection and natural language processing.

Next week at SC16, North America’s biggest supercomputing tradeshow, the institute will offer a workshop with two hands-on labs:

  • Getting Started with Deep Learning will introduce machine learning workflows and provide hands-on experience using deep neural networks to solve a real-world image classification problem.
  • Deep Learning for Image Segmentation will cover training and evaluating image segmentation networks, using a medical imaging dataset as an example.

If you’ll be in Salt Lake City for the conference, register now for the Deep Learning Workshops.

Hands-On Instruction

More than 18,000 hours of hands-on instruction have been delivered to data scientists and developers during our global series of GPU Technology Conferences (GTCs) in seven cities worldwide, stretching from Amsterdam to Beijing.

These numbers indicate the growing interest in deep learning as it transforms industries such as automotive, retail and medicine. Deep learning is at work in facial and speech recognition and even on popular websites such as Pinterest and Etsy, where deep learning is used for recommendation engines. Deep learning can even help you lose weight. Breakthroughs in this burgeoning field are driving the expansion of modern AI.

The mission of the Deep Learning Institute is to deliver hands-on training for developers and data scientists that helps them apply deep learning to solve challenging problems on NVIDIA’s AI computing platform.

The institute works with Udacity, Microsoft, Coursera and other educational partners. Classes are available online and as onsite workshops and are suitable for all skill levels. They range from the basics of deep learning to how to build a self-driving car.

In addition to SC16, upcoming Deep Learning Institute onsite classes include GTCx India in Mumbai on Dec. 6. Check out the full schedule, and learn more.