8 AI Startups to Check Out at the Re-Work Deep Learning Summit

by Maggie Albrecht

If the upcoming Re-Work Deep Learning Summit starting Jan. 25 has a certain je ne sais quoi, maybe that’s because deep learning — and thus this San Francisco gathering — touches so many industries.

The speaker list spans every corner of AI thought leadership. Also present: a number of participants in our Inception startup program. The result: a 360-degree view of AI for attendees to geek out on.

Time will be at a premium. So here’s a preview of what a handful of the NVIDIA Inception program participants will be sharing:

  • Abeja: This Japanese startup, founded in 2012, creates AI software for retailers and manufacturers and is backed by Salesforce and NTT DOCOMO, among others.
  • AlphaBlues: This Estonia startup builds virtual customer assistants on a flexible platform with AI that understands any European language.
  • Deepgram: This Mountain, View, Calif., startup has created AI that understands human speech. Deepgram’s goal: help computers understand what you mean, communicate in real time and leave you satisfied, not frustrated.
  • Deep Instinct: This Tel Aviv startup pioneered the use of AI zero-day attack protection — using deep learning to identify attacks on vulnerabilities that haven’t yet been made public.
  • Entropix: You know those crime shows that show computer-equipped sleuth’s enhancing grainy images? This Oakland, Calif., startup is turning that TV trope into a reality. The company’s technology reconstructs video to 9x its captured pixel density. Entropix calls this “resolution on demand.”
  • Gridspace: This San Francisco-based startup uses “conversational AI” to help you understand and act on all your communications from phones, mobiles, network components and IoT by turning these feeds into text, entities, labels, metrics, scores, suggestions and more.
  • Marble.io: This San Francisco-based startup is creating a fleet of smart courier robots. Marble.io’s robots have already made headlines delivering food through San Francisco’s Mission District, one of the West Coast’s culinary hot spots. The company aims to transport a wide range of essentials, including  groceries, meals and medicine.
  • Wallarm: This team of security professionals based in Menlo Park, Calif., is using AI to help customers build and run their applications securely and efficiently.

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And stop by table 17 to learn more about NVIDIA’s Inception program as well as to see a cool demo from one of our members.