Artists Aspire for the Heart of 3D in International Design Challenge

State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg hosts rendering competition highlighting the best of 3D graphics in modern art.
by Nicole Castro

Artists from around the globe are competing in the Art of 3D Graphics design challenge, an international competition showcasing the world’s best 3D artwork.

The landmark competition aims to present audiences with modern trends in artistic creativity, brought to life through the latest 3D tools and applications. It’s one of the first international challenges that highlights 3D graphics in art.

The Art of 3D Graphics is organized by the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, home of the world’s largest collection of Russian fine art, and RebusFarm, a Cologne, Germany, render farm for 3D graphics.

The design challenge marks the first time contemporary 3D art will be exhibited in the classic museum space of the Marble Palace of the Russian Museum. The exhibition will be one of the main events held during the 125th anniversary year of the founding of the museum, which boasts more than 110,000 square feet of gallery space.

Image courtesy of Pavels Birmanis
Image courtesy of Pavels Birmanis.

Participants are asked to 3D model and render high-quality images for categories that include architecture, characters, vehicles and more.

As a sponsor of the challenge, NVIDIA has a dedicated category called “Future World and AI.” Artists are asked to submit their unique renditions of futuristic environments surrounded by cutting-edge technology.

NVIDIA powers the future of 3D graphics by supporting popular creative tools and applications, so artists can get the GPU power and performance they need to keep up with the speed of their imagination. Whether it’s accelerated 3D rendering or real-time video editing, NVIDIA RTX Studio laptops and desktops help creative professionals access time-saving features and accelerated performance to boost their artistic workflows.

Image courtesy of Nicholas Lim
Image courtesy of Nicholas Lim.

The best works of contemporary 3D artists will be featured in an exhibition at the Marble Palace of the Russian Museum this fall. They’ll also receive great prizes from the partners of the project and will be included in the exhibition catalog of the museum.

Submissions are open to artists around the world until the end of May.

Learn more about the Art of 3D Graphics competition.

Featured image courtesy of Alexandr Melentev.