NVIDIA CloudXR and Autodesk VRED Now Available on Amazon Web Services

Quickly and easily deploy high-quality, immersive, collaborative extended-reality experiences from the cloud, and stream VRED design-review sessions from anywhere with NVIDIA CloudXR.
by Greg Jones

NVIDIA and Autodesk are making photorealistic, immersive experiences more accessible with NVIDIA CloudXR and Autodesk VRED, now available as a “Quick Start” deployment on Amazon Web Services.

With this packaged solution, anyone can deploy CloudXR and VRED to achieve high-fidelity, immersive extended reality (XR) experiences from any location.

Autodesk VRED is a 3D product visualization software that enables users to create compelling product presentations and design reviews, and visualize virtual prototypes in real time. NVIDIA CloudXR, built on NVIDIA RTX technology, delivers high-quality, immersive experiences across 5G and Wi-Fi networks.

These solutions are easily accessible in an AWS Quick Start, which is an automated reference deployment built by AWS that helps users quickly deploy popular technologies. With the combination of these two technologies, professionals designing in VRED can take advantage of immersive XR powered by CloudXR and NVIDIA RTX GPUs with NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS) software.

Accelerating Design Workflows With Cloud Streaming

Many professional designers, including automotive manufacturers, use Autodesk VRED within their design workflows. With CloudXR, Autodesk VRED users can enter a photorealistic, immersive environment and seamlessly interact with large 3D models and scenes.

These massive 3D datasets can be used with all-in-one headsets, as they’re streamed with CloudXR from the AWS cloud using NVIDIA RTX GPUs.

With NVIDIA RTX vWS software, CloudXR is fully scalable for cloud, data center and edge networks. The CloudXR software development kit comes with an installer for server components and open-source client applications for streaming XR content from OpenVR applications to Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices.

Many manufacturing professionals attended the recent Autodesk University event, where they learned from David Randle, global head of go to market for Spatial Computing at AWS, about how the CloudXR Quick Start is now streamlining workflows for automotive professionals.

Try Quick Start today, and learn more about NVIDIA CloudXR.