Welcome to Cloud Nine: NVIDIA CloudXR Now Available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

by Greg Jones

NVIDIA and Microsoft are making high-quality immersive experiences more accessible for professionals and enterprises by bringing NVIDIA CloudXR to Azure.

Now available on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Marketplace as a virtual machine image, CloudXR enables companies to deliver virtual experiences from anywhere in the world.

This means more enterprises and end users can use cloud-based streaming to easily set up and scale high-quality immersive experiences from any location, to any device for virtual, augmented or mixed reality — collectively known as XR.

And with CloudXR running on NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstations, professionals can create and stream XR environments with photorealistic graphics from anywhere in the world.

Setting the Stage for Advanced XR

Through cloud-based streaming, combined with the new generation of all-in-one VR devices, customers are no longer constrained by a physical tether or external VR tracking system. With CloudXR built on NVIDIA RTX technology, they can experience photorealistic immersive graphics in any OpenVR application.

Customers can easily get started with CloudXR, available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and software vendors can use it to distribute apps from the edge.

In addition, users can securely stream cross-platform deployment of VR applications with the Innoactive Portal, a cloud-based solution that has revolutionized VR training and helped the workforces of major enterprises.

TÜV SÜD —  one of the world’s leading testing, certification, auditing and advisory services companies — is streaming NVIDIA CloudXR from Microsoft Azure with Innoactive Portal. This helps TÜV SÜD deliver VR training for automotive inspection and maintenance, as well as allows businesses to work more efficiently and experience real-time training remotely.

“With NVIDIA CloudXR, we can enhance the experience of easily streaming high-quality immersive simulations to any VR device,” Oswin Breidenbach, information manager at TÜV SÜD. “This new way of delivering VR allows us to expand our user base from anyone with a high-powered workstation to anyone with a VR device.”

The CloudXR platform includes:

  • NVIDIA CloudXR software development kit, which supports all OpenVR apps and includes code samples for a broad array of clients for phones, tablets and head-mounted displays.
  • NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation software to provide high-quality graphics at the fastest frame rates.
  • NVIDIA AI SDKs to accelerate performance and increase immersive presence.

Learn more about NVIDIA CloudXR on Microsoft Azure.

Join us at GTC, which starts on Nov. 8, to learn more about the future of XR streaming. Register for free and hear from Microsoft, Innoactive and TÜV SÜD representatives as they share insights on cloud streaming.

Catch NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s keynote address on Nov. 9 at 9 a.m. Central European Time, with a rebroadcast at 8 a.m. Pacific.