NVIDIA Partners Announce Wave of New Jetson AGX Orin Servers and Appliances at COMPUTEX

Partners are showcasing edge AI and embedded computing systems powered by Jetson AGX Orin at Taiwan’s largest tech event.
by Durga Peddireddy

More than 30 leading technology partners worldwide announced this week the first wave of NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin-powered production systems at COMPUTEX in Taipei.

New products are coming from a dozen Taiwan-based camera, sensor and hardware providers for use in edge AI, AIoT, robotics and embedded applications.

Available worldwide since GTC in March, the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin developer kit delivers 275 trillion operations per second, packing over 8x the processing power of its predecessor, NVIDIA AGX Xavier, in the same pin-compatible form factor.

Jetson Orin features the NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPU, Arm Cortex-A78AE CPUs, next-generation deep learning and vision accelerators, high-speed interfaces, faster memory bandwidth, and multimodal sensor support capable of feeding multiple, concurrent AI application pipelines.

Offering server-class performance for edge AI, new Jetson AGX Orin production modules will be available in July, while Orin NX modules are coming in September.

“The new Jetson AGX Orin is supercharging the next generation of robotics and edge AI applications,” said Deepu Talla, vice president of Embedded and Edge Computing at NVIDIA. “This momentum continues to accelerate as our ecosystem partners release Jetson Orin-based production systems in various form factors tailored towards specific industries and use cases.”

Robust Product and Partner Ecosystem

Jetson-based products announced include servers, edge appliances, industrial PCs, carrier boards, AI software and more. They will come in fan and fanless configurations with multiple connectivity and interface options, also including specifications for commercial or ruggedized applications in robotics, manufacturing, retail, transportation, smart cities, healthcare and other essential sectors of the economy.

Among the releases are Taiwan-based members of the NVIDIA Partner Network, including AAEON, Adlink, Advantech, Aetina, AIMobile, Appropho, AverMedia, Axiomtek, EverFocus, Neousys, Onyx and Vecow.

Other NVIDIA partners launching new Jetson Orin-based solutions worldwide include Auvidea, Basler AG, Connect Tech, D3 Engineering, Diamond Systems, e-Con Systems, Forecr, Framos, Infineon, Leetop, Leopard Imaging, MiiVii, Quectel, RidgeRun, Sequitur, Silex, SmartCow, Stereolabs, Syslogic, Realtimes, Telit and TZTEK, to name a few.

Million-Plus Jetson Developers

Today more than 1 million developers and over 6,000 companies are building commercial products on the NVIDIA Jetson edge AI and robotics computing platform to create and deploy autonomous machines and edge AI applications.

And, with over 150 members, the growing Jetson ecosystem of partners offers a wide range of support, including from companies specialized in AI software, hardware and application design services, cameras, sensors and peripherals, developer tools and development systems. This year, the AAEON BOXER-8240 powered by the Jetson AGX Xavier won the COMPUTEX 2022 Best Choice Golden Award.

Developers are building their next-generation applications on the Jetson AGX Orin developer kit for seamless deployment on the production modules. Jetson AGX Orin users can tap into the NVIDIA CUDA-X accelerated computing stack, NVIDIA JetPack SDK and the latest NVIDIA tools for application development and optimization, including cloud-native development workflows.

Comprehensive Software Support

Jetson Orin enables developers to deploy the largest, most complex models needed to solve edge AI and robotics challenges in natural language understanding, 3D perception, multisensor fusion and other areas.

“NVIDIA is the recognized leader in AI and continues to leverage this expertise to advance robotics through a robust ecosystem and complete end-to-end solutions, including a range of hardware platforms that leverage common tools and neural network models,” said Jim McGregor, principal analyst at TIRIAS Research.

“The new Jetson platform brings the performance and versatility of the NVIDIA Ampere architecture to enable even further advancements in autonomous mobile robots for a wide range of applications ranging from agriculture and manufacturing to healthcare and smart cities,” he said.

Pretrained models from the NVIDIA NGC catalog are optimized and ready for fine-tuning with the NVIDIA TAO toolkit and customer datasets. This reduces time and cost for production-quality AI deployments, while cloud-native technologies allow seamless updates throughout a product’s lifetime.

For specific use cases, NVIDIA software platforms include NVIDIA Isaac Sim on Omniverse for robotics; Riva, a GPU-accelerated SDK for building speech AI applications; the DeepStream streaming analytics toolkit for AI-based multi-sensor processing, video, audio and image understanding; as well as Metropolis, an application framework, set of developer tools and partner ecosystem that brings visual data and AI together to improve operational efficiency and safety across industries.

Watch NVIDIA’s COMPUTEX keynote address on Monday, May 23, at 8 p.m. PT.