Artists Around the World Imagine the Future in Metropia 2042 Challenge

by Nicole Castro

Nearly 2,500 artists from 110 countries took on the challenge of visualizing a futuristic world steeped in cutting-edge technology, as part of Metropia 2042, sponsored by NVIDIA and ArtStation.

Metropia 2042 is the biggest 3D challenge to date from ArtStation, a platform where artists share their work and engage with others in their community.

For the challenge, artists were asked to imagine a future where technological advancements have benefited humanity. From sustainable cities to innovative vehicles, creators shared their vision of a society surrounded by AI, robotics, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality and environmental protections.

Participants joined the challenge to design, 3D model and render images. A group of esteemed judges from the game and film industries selected the top submissions from four categories.

The first place winners for each category are:

Characters of the Future: Konstantin Gdalevich
Gdalevich introduces his dynamic duo, Kasey and Mac from the Metropia Sheriff department, to show a future where AI and robots are the perfect companions.

Cities of the Future: Alexandr Melentiev
Melentiev envisions electricity will be developed on photosynthesis technology. Built on a swamp, his city takes clean water and minerals to grow fish and algae.

Interiors of the Future: Tarmo Juhola
Juhola’s decorative patterns, use of geometry, blend of nature and beautiful lighting give a vision of the perfect workplace.

Vehicles of the Future: René Mitchell-Lambert
Make way for Mitchell-Lambert’s AI-operated autonomous air ambulance, which can easily transport paramedic crews and patients from one destination to the next.

NVIDIA teamed up with HP, Adobe, Allegorithmic, Chaos Group, Otoy and Pixologic to provide winners with an amazing lineup of prizes, including HP Z4 Workstations, Chaos Group V-Ray software, Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions and more.

Check out the other winners, including some of NVIDIA’s favorites, on the ArtStation’s Metropia 2042 page.

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