Daz 3D Turns RTX On in Beta Release of Daz Studio

by Stanley Tack

Fully interactive 3D rendering is now a reality with the beta release of Daz Studio 4.12. The powerful 3D scene creation and rendering application uses NVIDIA RTX and NVIDIA Iray to accelerate ray tracing.

Turning ‘RTX On’ with NVIDIA RTX Studio laptops will give our users a huge performance boost. — Steve Spencer of Daz 3D

Our revolutionary Turing architecture, introduced at SIGGRAPH 2018, fuses together real-time ray tracing and AI to make RTX technology possible.

Daz Studio joins the growing list — now over 40 strong — of the world’s most popular creative and design applications that use the power of RTX.

By Umbavslz

Daz Studio is easy to use and rich with features and functionality. Whether you’re a novice or a proficient 3D artist or animator, Daz Studio lets you create amazing 3D art with features such as:

  • GPU-accelerated ray-traced rendering
  • 3D morphing, posing and animation
  • Lighting, textures and industry-standard rigging
  • A massive asset store with tens of thousands of Iray and MDL ready user-generated content
  • Freedom for artists to own their creations, royalty-free
  • Interactive in-app tutorials for aspiring 3D artists
  • Cross-app support for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya

“With Daz Studio 4.12, we’ve taken a huge step forward in putting powerful animation software into the public’s hands for free,” said Steve Spencer, general manager and vice president of marketing at Daz 3D. “With these capabilities, users are now able to tackle much more ambitious projects than before, leveraging RTX-accelerated ray tracing for both the interactive viewport and final renders to achieve stunning results.”

Running on other systems, these computationally intensive creative tasks will automatically default to CPU, dramatically reducing performance and increasing wait times. But with the new RTX Studio laptops, you can harness breakthrough GPU performance in Daz Studio even while on the go.

Asset courtesy of Stonemason.

In the scene above, ray tracing occurs in near-real time as you change the position of the sun in the environment. Adjusting the angle and seeing how realistic lighting impacts your carefully built environment, interactively, dramatically changes the way scenes are constructed.

Using the Daz Studio 4.12 beta with RTX GPUs, users can experience up to 140 percent more performance in final frame rendering compared to previous generation GPUs, and an incredible 10.5x faster than CPU-only rendering.

Simply put, NVIDIA and Daz Studio are better together.

RTX and Iray Acceleration

RTX GPUs include dedicated hardware to accelerate ray-tracing operations, which enables rendering applications to dramatically speed up rendering ray tracing to achieve photorealistic images in a fraction of the time previously required. This unlocks fast interactive rendering, enabling artists to experiment more with creative ideas and get to high-quality final frames sooner.

Iray is a highly interactive and intuitive physically based rendering technology that generates photorealistic imagery by simulating the real-world physical behavior of light and materials. Its highly predictive approach, combined with its scalability, delivers world-class performance on RTX GPUs for constant feedback and rapid results. This slashes the time needed to perfect scenes and enables creators to can deliver image quality rivaling photographs.

Get Daz Studio free today. Visit the NVIDIA Studio website to learn more about how we’re helping creators unleash their potential with RTX Studio laptops and NVIDIA Studio Drivers.


Feature video courtesy of Stonemason; feature image by Maximillian W.