NVIDIA and DDN Team to Make AI-Powered Innovation Easier

DDN A3I with NVIDIA DGX-1 accelerates enterprise AI deployments.
by Tony Paikeday

When integrating AI into their businesses, many organizations have three common goals: Maximize performance to get the most out of their investment. Ensure the environment can be managed by IT. And get demonstrable results today, or even yesterday.

While the new DDN A3I with NVIDIA DGX-1 AI computing system can’t promise time travel into the past, it can dramatically accelerate results today. And it helps organizations iterate faster and at scale and boost the productivity of data scientists.

DDN A3I with DGX-1 is the latest NVIDIA DGX-1 reference architecture solution, which helps businesses deploy AI infrastructure quickly, with predictable performance and easier manageability for IT.

DGX reference architecture solutions are turnkey, fully integrated systems offered through NVIDIA partners. They’re derived from the best practices and design principles amassed from a multitude of AI data center deployments in the field, and our own experience building and using the NVIDIA DGX SATURNV.

Our joint solution with DDN is built on the NVIDIA DGX-1, an AI supercomputer that enables the fastest path to AI development, effortless productivity and revolutionary performance.

Customers choosing DDN A3I with DGX-1 can deploy a proven AI infrastructure solution from a trusted data center name they’ve come to rely on. It offers:

  • A fully integrated system — optimized for the unique demands of AI and deep learning and backed by a validated reference architecture — and the proven performance of DDN storage in combination with DGX-1.
  • A modular, scalable approach that can grow in response to business demand.
  • The backing of the combined expertise of NVIDIA, DDN and our common network of value-added resellers, who provide single-point-of-contact support.

Organizations around the globe have already tapped into the benefits of A3I with DGX-1. Learn more: