Get Trained, Go Deep: How Organizations Can Transform Their Workforce into an AI Powerhouse

by Katie Young

Despite the pandemic putting in-person training on hold, organizations can still offer instructor-led courses to their staff to develop key skills in AI, data science and accelerated computing.

NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute offers many online courses that deliver hands-on training. One of its most popular — recently updated and retitled as The Fundamentals of Deep Learning — will be taken by hundreds of attendees at next week’s GPU Technology Conference, running Oct. 5-9.

Organizations interested in boosting the deep learning skills of their personnel can arrange to get their teams trained by requesting a workshop from the DLI Course Catalog.

“Technology professionals who take our revamped deep learning course will emerge with the basics they need to start applying deep learning to their most challenging AI and machine learning applications,” said Craig Clawson, director of Training Services at NVIDIA. “This course is a key building block for developing a cutting-edge AI skillset.”

Huge Demand for Deep Learning

Deep learning is at the heart of the fast-growing fields of machine learning and AI. This makes it a skill that’s in huge demand and has put companies across industries in a race to recruit talent. Linkedin recently reported that the fastest growing job category in the U.S. is AI specialist, with annual job growth of 74 percent and an average annual salary of $136,000.

For many organizations, especially those in the software, internet, IT, higher education and consumer electronics sectors, investing in upskilling current employees can be critical to their success while offering a path to career advancement and increasing worker retention.

Deep Learning Application Development-

With interest in the field heating up, a recent article in Forbes highlighted that AI and machine learning, data science and IoT are among the most in-demand skills tech professionals should focus on. In other words, tech workers who lack these skills could soon find themselves at a professional disadvantage.

By developing needed skills, employees can make themselves more valuable to their organizations. And their employers benefit by embedding machine learning and AI functionality into their products, services and business processes.

“Organizations are looking closely at how AI and machine learning can improve their business,” Clawson said. “As they identify opportunities to leverage these technologies, they’re hustling to either develop or import the required skills.”

Get a glimpse of the DLI experience in this short video:

DLI Courses: An Invaluable Resource

The DLI has trained more than 250,000 developers globally. It has continued to deliver a wide range of training remotely via virtual classrooms during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Classes are taught by DLI-certified instructors who are experts in their fields, and breakout rooms support collaboration among students, and interaction with the instructors.

And by completing select courses, students can earn an NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute certificate to demonstrate subject matter competency and support career growth.

It would be hard to exaggerate the potential that this new technology and the NVIDIA developer community holds for improving the world — and the community is growing faster than ever. It took 13 years for the number of registered NVIDIA developers to reach 1 million. Just two years later, it has grown to over 2 million.

Whether enabling new medical procedures, inventing new robots or joining the effort to combat COVID-19, the NVIDIA developer community is breaking new ground every day.

Courses like the re-imagined Fundamentals of Deep Learning are helping developers and data scientists deliver breakthrough innovations across a wide range of industries and application domains.

“Our courses are structured to give developers the skills they need to thrive as AI and machine learning leaders,” said Clawson. “What they take away from the courses, both for themselves and their organizations, is immeasurable.”

To get started on the journey of transforming your organization into an AI powerhouse, request a DLI workshop today.

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