Powering the Next Generation of Manufactured Products at GTC

Learn how the latest NVIDIA technologies accelerate product development and improve engineering collaboration.
by Mike Geyer

From visualizing new ideas to solving the most complex engineering problems, everyone involved in product design, engineering and manufacturing needs tools that help them compete and win.

Breakthrough technologies in physically based rendering, engineering simulation, immersive virtual reality and applied AI are constantly changing and improving how teams work. To stay competitive and keep up with project demands, manufacturers must constantly look for emerging trends and new solutions to advance workflows.

The GPU Technology Conference, running April 12-16, will showcase how NVIDIA is powering the tools and technology that help product development professionals accelerate workflows, maintain productivity and collaborate interactively. A variety of GTC talks will explore the latest trends and opportunities in the manufacturing industry.

Working Faster and More Efficiently

In a hyper-competitive environment, businesses strive to develop new products and get them to market as quickly as possible. Whether it’s automobiles, aircraft or consumer electronics — designing, engineering and manufacturing physical products is complex work, requiring a lot of effort and resulting in potential delays at every stage of the process.

As a result, manufacturers are looking to accelerate the workflows through every stage. It could be automating unsafe and repetitive tasks on the factory floor, or using advanced engineering software to instantly explore design alternatives, or even seeing photorealistic simulations of design concepts at their earliest stages. Whatever the solution may be, it’s critical to find every way possible to work faster and more efficiently.

To do this, professionals must explore new technologies and tools. Start by re-evaluating every aspect of the process, target the most critical bottlenecks first, and then improve simulation of the visual, physical and overall product experience.

At GTC, hear how some customers have used NVIDIA technology to streamline workflows and enhance productivity:

  • Predator Cycling has shown how time to market and overall production overhead can be significantly reduced by simulating everything and bringing each aspect of the manufacturing process in house. Learn how it used NVIDIA RTX to design and develop highly customized, extreme performance products.
  • Alstom, a leading company in the transportation industry, designs and builds locomotives, will discuss how it uses NVIDIA RTX to accelerate every stage of the process, from first sketches to communication.
  • SOLIDWORKS will present how it uses NVIDIA GPUs to bring out the best performance in the manufacturing industry.

Improving Collaboration 

Working together is essential for designing and building high-quality products. Real-time collaboration is becoming more of a necessity, whether it’s between design and engineering teams, between manufacturers and customers, or even with AI and intelligent machines. And while everyone is working remotely, collaborating with ecosystems of colleagues, contractors and vendors from different locations becomes increasingly complex.

To improve workflows, professionals must rethink what it means to collaborate, and that’s going to require new frameworks, new languages and an entirely new paradigm. Developing some of the most complex products in the world relies on highly synchronized collaboration. With fewer misunderstandings and more iterations in the product development process, the faster the product can be delivered, and the better the final product will be.

Enhancing collaboration starts with analyzing the process: identify any areas of improvement, then think how to tighten integrations inside and outside of the company. Explore new technologies and get involved in their development to shape and form their direction.

Professionals also need a common, open and extensible platform that’s easily accessible and can be connected to AI, design software and collaborative robots — NVIDIA Omniverse is that solution. Omniverse delivers an interactive, open environment allowing users to seamlessly collaborate with teams around the world, all in a virtual shared space.

At GTC, hear from experts on how advanced technologies can help transform collaboration:

Register for GTC for free and see how NVIDIA technology is changing critical processes, allowing manufacturers to achieve incredible performance for graphics and compute. And don’t miss the keynote address on April 12 by NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang.

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Featured image courtesy of Shaun Wellens.