NVIDIA to Open GeForce Esports Boot Camps in Munich and Shanghai

by Mike Pepe

The life of an esports player is the life of true athlete: Train hard and train with the best to be your best.

We’ve offered boot camps in our GeForce Esports studio in Silicon Valley since 2015 to do just that. This fall, we’re opening two new facilities, in Munich and Shanghai, so more of our teams can prepare for esports tournaments.

Locating the boot camps halfway around the world from each other is no accident. Esports is an international phenomenon. Some of the most successful teams have completely mixed nationalities.

The teams travel the world to compete against the elite. The Dota 2 pro circuit in 2017/18 alone consisted of 11 majors and 16 minors events across Europe, Asia and North America. The same holds true for other esports like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and PUBG.

The tens of millions of fans following the teams are found in every country in the world.

If you’re part of the top esports scene, you have to prepare yourself and your team to win. Communication, teamwork, team building, physical workouts, diet, sleep routines, strategies and, of course, game skills all have to be honed.

Combining this with the need to perform at the highest level while being far away from your loved ones for most of the year creates enormous pressure on esports athletes.

Our GeForce Esports boot camps offer our teams state-of-the-art GeForce gaming systems, mirroring the setups of the world’s biggest tournaments. They also include 240Hz G-SYNC monitors, three meals per day and a dedicated environment for esport athletes to train in.

We want to make our visiting teams’ tournament preparation as fruitful as possible as they prep for tournaments like Valve’s The International, Perfect World, ESL, Starladder, PGL and League of Legends World Championships.

We’ve already welcomed many squads to our Santa Clara studio, including Team Secret, Tempo Storm, compLexity Gaming, INTZ and Team USA. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months on our two new esports meccas.