Wherever You Go with Chromebook, GeForce NOW Lets You Bring Your Games with You 

PC games from the sky, you can play them anywhere you like.
by Andrew Fear

Chromebooks, like GeForce NOW, are ready when you are.

With today’s beta launch on ChromeOS, Chromebooks now wield the power to play PC games using GeForce NOW.

Chromebook users join the millions on PC, Mac, SHIELD and Android mobile devices already playing their favorite games on our cloud gaming service with GeForce performance.

Getting started is simple. Head to play.geforcenow.com and log in with your GeForce NOW account. Signing up is easy, just choose either a paid Founders membership or a free account.

Right now is a great time to join. We just launched a six-month Founders membership that includes a Hyper Scape Season One Battle Pass token and exclusive Hyper Scape in-game content for $24.95. That’s a $64.94 value.

Once logged in, you’re only a couple clicks away from streaming a massive catalog of games. For the best experience, you’ll want to make those clicks with a USB mouse.

Distance Learning by Day, Distance Gaming by Night

Some students are heading back to school. Others are distance learning from home. However they’re learning, more students than ever rely on Chromebooks.

That’s because Chromebooks are great computers for studying. They’re fast, simple and secure devices that help you stay productive and connected.

Now, those same Chromebooks transform, instantly, into GeForce-powered distance gaming rigs, thanks to GeForce NOW.

Your Games on All Your Devices

Millions of GeForce NOW members play with and against their friends — no matter which platform they’re streaming on, whether that’s PC, Mac, Android or, now, Chromebooks.

That’s because when you stream games using GeForce NOW, you’re playing the PC version from digital stores like Steam, Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Uplay.

This is great for developers, who can bring their games to the cloud at launch, without adding development cycles.

And it’s great for the millions of GeForce NOW members. They’re tapping into an existing ecosystem anytime they stream one of more than 650 games instantly. That includes over 70 of the most-played free-to-play games.

When games like CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 come out later this year, members will be able to play using GeForce NOW servers the same day on their Chromebook.

Anywhere You Go

Chromebooks, of course, are lightweight devices that go where you do. From home to work to school. Or from your bedroom to the living room.

GeForce NOW is the perfect Chromebook companion. Simply plug in a mouse and go. Our beta release gives Chromebook owners the power to play their favorite PC games.

New to GeForce NOW? Check out our GeForce NOW Quick Start Guide to get gaming instantly.

Take game progress or character level-ups from a desktop to a phone and then onto Chromebook. You’re playing the games you own from your digital game store accounts. So your progress goes with you.

More PC Gaming Features Heading to the Cloud 

The heart of GeForce NOW is PC gaming. We continue to tap into the PC ecosystem to bring more PC features to the cloud.

PC gamers are intimately familiar with Steam. Many have massive libraries from the popular PC game store. To support them, we just launched Steam Game Sync so they can sync games from their Steam library with their library in GeForce NOW. It’s quickly become one of our most popular features for members playing on PC and Mac.

Soon, Chromebook owners will be able to take advantage of the feature, too.

Over the past few months, we’ve added two GeForce Experience features. Highlights delivers automatic video capture so you can share your best moments, and Freestyle provides gamers the ability to customize a game’s look. In the weeks ahead, we’ll add support for Ansel — a powerful in-game camera that lets gamers capture professional-grade screenshots. These features are currently only available on PC and Mac. Look for them to come to Chromebooks in future updates.

More games. More platforms. Legendary GeForce performance. And now on Chromebooks. That’s the power to play that only GeForce NOW can deliver.