Easy A: GeForce NOW Brings Higher Resolution and Frame Rates for Browser Streaming on PC

Enhance study sessions this GFN Thursday with six new titles to stream from the cloud.
by GeForce NOW Community

Class is in session this GFN Thursday as GeForce NOW makes the up-grade with support for higher resolutions and frame rates in Chrome browser on PC. It’s the easiest way to spice up a boring study session.

When the lecture is over, dive into the six games joining the GeForce NOW library this week, where new adventure always awaits.

The Perfect Study Break

All work and no play isn’t the GeForce NOW way. No one should be away from their games, even if they’re going back to school. GeForce NOW streams the best PC games across nearly all devices, including low-powered PCs with a Chrome or Edge browser.

1440p Gameplay in Chrome Browser on GeForce NOW
Enabling 1440p 120 FPS for browser streaming is easy: Visit “Settings,” then select “Custom” streaming quality to adjust the resolution and frame rate settings.

RTX 3080 members can now level up their browser gameplay at up to 1440p and 120 frames per second. No app install is required — just open a Chrome or Edge browser on PC, go to play.geforcenow.com, select these new resolutions and refresh rates from the GeForce NOW Settings menu, and jump into games in seconds, with less friction or downloads.

It’s never been easier to explore the more than 1,300 titles in the GeForce NOW library. Have some downtime during lab work? Sneak in a round of Apex Legends. Need a break from a boring textbook? Take a trip to Tevyat in Genshin Impact.

Stay connected with friends for multiplayer — like in Path of Exile’s latest expansion, “Lake of Kalandra” — so even if making your next moves at different schools, the squad can stick together to get into the gaming action.

Here’s Your Homework

Thymesia on GeForce NOW
Save a kingdom fallen to an age of calamity in ‘Thymesia,’ a grueling action-RPG with fast-paced combat.

Pop quiz: What’s the best part of GFN Thursday?

Answer: More games, of course. You all get an A+.

Buckle up for 6 new releases this week:

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