NVIDIA Brings Powerful Virtualization Performance with NVIDIA A10 and A16

Built on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, the A10 GPU improves virtual workstation performance for designers and engineers, while the A16 GPU provides up to 2x user density with an enhanced VDI experience.
by Anne Hecht

Enterprises rely on GPU virtualization to keep their workforces productive, wherever they work. And NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) performance has become essential to powering a wide range of graphics- and compute-intensive workloads from the cloud and data center.

Now, designers, engineers and knowledge workers across industries can experience accelerated performance with the NVIDIA A10 and A16 GPUs.

Based on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, A10 and A16 deliver more power, memory and user density to boost any workflow, from graphics and AI to VDI. And when combined with NVIDIA vGPU software, the new GPUs greatly improve user experience, performance and flexibility.

A10 Delivers Powerful, Flexible Virtual Workstation Performance

Professionals are increasingly using advanced technologies like real-time ray tracing, AI, compute, simulation and virtual reality for their work. But to run these workflows, and with employee mobility crucial today, they require more power and flexibility to work from anywhere.

The NVIDIA A10 combined with NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation software delivers the performance to efficiently power these complex workflows while ensuring employees get the best user experience possible.

With virtual workstations powered by the A10, businesses can deliver enhanced graphics and video with AI-accelerated applications from mainstream enterprise servers.

Since the A10 can support graphics and AI workloads on virtualized infrastructure, data center administrators can flexibly provision resources and take advantage of any underutilized compute power to run AI inference or VDI workloads.

The A10 combines second-generation RT Cores and third-generation Tensor Cores to enrich graphics and video applications with powerful AI. It’s built specifically for graphics, media and game developer workstations, delivering 2.5x faster graphics performance and over 2.5x the inference performance compared to the previous generation NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU.

Users can also run inference workloads on the A10 with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software and achieve bare-metal performance. The A10 includes new streaming microprocessors with 24GB of GDDR6 memory, enabling versatile graphics, rendering, AI and compute performance. The single-wide, full-height, full-length PCIe form factor enables GPU server density, often five to six GPUs per server.

A16 Enhances VDI User Experience for Remote Workers

With the rising adoption of web conferencing and video collaboration tools, the remote work environment is here to stay. According to an IDC survey, 87 percent of U.S. enterprises expect their employees to continue working from home three or more days per week once mandatory pandemic closures are lifted.(1)

Knowledge workers use multiple devices and monitors to efficiently do their work. They also require easy access to productivity tools and applications and need to collaborate with remote teammates. Everything from email and web browsing to video conferencing and streaming can benefit from GPU acceleration — and NVIDIA A16 provides that powerful performance by delivering the next generation of VDI.

The A16 combined with NVIDIA vPC software is ideal for providing graphics-rich VDI and an enhanced user experience for knowledge workers. It offers improved user density versus the previous generation M10, with up to 64 concurrent users per board and reduces the total cost of ownership by up to 20 percent.

Virtual desktops powered by NVIDIA vPC software and the A16 deliver an experience indistinguishable from a physical PC, which allows remote workers to seamlessly transition between working at the office and at home.

GPU-accelerated VDI with A16 and NVIDIA vPC also provides increased frame rates and lower end-user latency, so productivity applications and tools are more responsive, and remote workers achieve the optimal user experience.


NVIDIA A10 is supported as part of NVIDIA-Certified Systems, in the on-prem data center, in the cloud and at the edge, and will be available starting this month. Learn more about the NVIDIA A10 by watching a replay of NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s GTC keynote address.

NVIDIA A16 will be available later this year.

(1) IDC Press Release, Mobile Workers Will Be 60% of the Total U.S. Workforce by 2024, According to IDC, September 2020