Kampai to AI! GTC Japan Celebrates Robotics Innovations

by Murali Gopalakrishna

We’re throwing a get-together in Tokyo next week for 5,000 or so of our closest friends. Actually, it’ll be more than that if you count all of the robots.

GTC Japan 2018 marks our 10th GPU Technology Conference in the country, and it’s going to be the biggest and best yet.

Come see how robots are opening the door to a new world of autonomous machines — seriously, we’re going to have robots that actually open doors — and how they’re lending a helping mechanical hand to humans.

The event will be held Sept. 13-14 at The Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa, in Tokyo.

Meet the Brains Behind the Bots at GTC Japan

GTC Japan is a great opportunity to meet and learn from the world’s leading minds in all areas of GPU computing. This year’s robotics track shouldn’t be missed. A few highlights:

  • Tetsuya Ogata, professor at Waseda University, shares how his team is using deep learning dynamic frameworks to analyze complex actions such as folding clothes and opening doors.
  • Takayuki Nagai, professor at University of Electro-Communications, talks about how advancements in machine learning are changing lives, providing research examples of AI-powered robots coexisting with people.
  • Daisuke Yamamoto, executive officer at OPTiM Platform Group, discusses the future of high-precision vision computing, based on robotic use cases in the fields of agriculture, fisheries, forestry and construction.
  • Dieter Fox, head of Robotics Research at NVIDIA, shares recent progress made in model- and learning-based approaches to perception and control in robotics. He’ll also discuss how this research supports the NVIDIA Isaac framework, a new toolbox for the simulation, training, verification and deployment of robots.
  • Chitoku Yato, technical product marketing manager at NVIDIA, provides two technical deep dives. Developers will learn how to create and deploy AI-powered robotics using the Isaac SDK and how to create the next generation of robots with Jetson Xavier.

Robotics a Go in Tokyo

Don’t just take our word for it, see these machines in action at the event. From industrial applications to robots that learn from simulations, GTC Japan will feature demonstrations from the following companies:

  • DENSO: AI industrial robot that can assemble parts from different pallets
  • FANUC: AI pick and place robot
  • Hitachi: Autonomous robot for household chores
  • Kawada: Collaborative robot for industrial automation
  • Komatsu: Smart construction equipment
  • Musashi Seimitsu: Autonomous optical inspection of high-precision auto parts

Register for GTC Japan. If you can’t make it, follow @NVIDIAEmbedded for all of the latest news.

Image credit: Brian Sulz