At GTC: Experience How NVIDIA Technology Is Shaping the Future of Storytelling

See how studios like ILMxLAB, Pixar, MPC and Digital Domain use NVIDIA tech to power stunning, realistic visuals.
by Rick Champagne

From game engine-powered virtual production to interactive characters and deeply engaging experiences, media and entertainment have drastically changed over the last few years.

At the heart of it all: NVIDIA RTX technology. It’s powering AI, real-time ray tracing, location-based entertainment and other GPU-accelerated technologies to help create believable characters, ultra-photorealistic environments and immersive experiences.

You can see exactly how studios use the power of NVIDIA tech at the GPU Technology Conference, from March 18-21 in San Jose.

GTC attendees will gain insight into the world of filmmaking and visual effects through sessions that delve into new techniques in immersive graphics, real-time virtual production, 3D rendering and much more.

Learn more about immersive storytelling and real-time ray tracing from industry luminaries. Find out how studios are incorporating advanced technology to produce stunning visuals.

Don’t miss out on these sessions at GTC:

  • See how top studios are taking innovative approaches to storytelling: Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB will share how virtual and augmented reality provide new ways to tell stories. And find out how Pixar uses GPUs to enable art and creativity in animated and live-action films.
  • Dive deep into immersive experiences: Get a closer look at Embody, Lululemon’s new social VR experience that uses visual metaphors and encouragement from teachers and friends to motivate coordinated body movement.
  • Check out the latest technologies in filmmaking: See how NVIDIA RTX works with Prism, a Technicolor initiative to produce a high-end OptiX-based path tracer for a fast preview of shots or sequences. Learn how MPC is incorporating real-time ray tracing into Genesis, a virtual production platform.
  • Learn about the creative techniques behind live, real-time events: Digital Domain will share the technology it uses for event-driven human performances, like the holographic Tupac performance at Coachella or the machine learning algorithms that helped created Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.
  • Look into the future of GPU rendering: A panel of the world’s leading game-engine and GPU ray-tracing technologists from Pixar, Autodesk, Chaos Group, REDSHIFT, Otoy and NVIDIA will discuss how GPU ray tracing is transforming the creative process in design, animation, games and visual effects.

See the complete list of media and entertainment sessions at GTC, and register now to attend.