At GTC, Find Out How Retailers Are on Front Lines of Using AI

by Ahana Dave

From enhancing in-store customer experiences to streamlining back-end supply chain operations, AI is revolutionizing the retail industry.

Attendees at this year’s GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley can learn how AI improves loss prevention and powers shopper tracking and autonomous checkout for more personalized customer experience and cost-effective business.

Here are six can’t-miss retail-focused sessions at GTC to attend:

How Walmart Improves Forecast Accuracy with NVIDIA GPUs — John Bowman, director of data science at Walmart Labs, shows how GPU computing has enabled the retailing giant to significantly improve forecast accuracy while remaining within execution time windows — using RAPIDS open source data science and machine learning libraries.

Semantic Understanding for E-Commerce Search — Learn how deep learning-fueled semantic understanding is helping solve the problem of e-commerce search, with Somnath Banerjee, director of machine learning at Walmart Labs.

What Every Industry Can Learn About AI from Retail — A panel of experts from GOAT, Focal Systems, Fellow Robots and NVIDIA outline the success criteria that any industry can apply to its strategy — from supply chain optimization to better customer experience.

Benefits of Behavior Analytics at the Edge for the Retail Market — Paul McAlpine, vice president of engineering at Motionloft, discusses how his company helps retailers increase customer satisfaction and revenue using sensors, convolutional neural networks, and NVIDIA GPUs to analyze movements of people inside stores and turn these movements into actionable insights.

Scaling Smart Retail: From Self-Checkout Systems to Empowering Sales Force — Maxerience CEO Pradeep Pydah talks about the deep learning algorithms that form the backbone of his company’s scalable retail solution, which can be deployed in the cloud and on the edge.

The Grocery Run of the Future: Camera-First Self-Driving Technology Changes Retail — Jianxiong Xiao, founder and CEO at AutoX Technologies, Inc., introduces his company’s autonomous vehicle technology and explains how cameras, sensor fusion, large-scale high-definition 3D mapping, and simulation make for ultra-robust autonomous vehicle software and hardware.

Join the Retail Fireside Chat

You also won’t want to miss a fireside chat between Forbes publisher Rich Karlgaard and Walmart CTO Jeremy King on accelerating AI innovation in the enterprise, the evolution of AI adoption to its current state, important benchmarks and how businesses should be thinking about success in 2019 and beyond. The chat takes place Wednesday, March 20, at 9 a.m. PT.

Check out the full retail session lineup at GTC and register today.

Five More Reasons to Attend GTC

Bryan Catanzaro, vice president of applied deep learning at NVIDIA, relays other great reasons to attend GTC, the world’s premier AI conference: