From Basics to Mastery: How to Advance AI, HPC and Metaverse Technical Skills

Choose from 65 hands-on workshops and labs at NVIDIA GTC, running March 20-23.
by Ann Sheridan

As technology advances, it’s essential for developers, students and educators to stay ahead of the curve through continuous learning. This is especially true for those interested in AI, high performance computing and the metaverse, as these technologies evolve fast. 

Beginners, experts and everyone in between can advance their technical skills in these fields by attending NVIDIA GTC — a global technology conference running online March 20-23. With 65 hands-on workshops and labs on these topics, GTC offers a unique opportunity to learn by doing. 

Getting Started

Those who are new to deep learning, accelerated computing, graphics or simulation can kick-start their journey with these GTC sessions:    

A Deeper Dive

Those who want to learn more about specific use cases or technology can dive deeper with these two-hour training labs:     

Advanced Training

Those looking for more advanced training can take their expertise to the next level with full-day workshops:      

With the depth and breadth of workshops and labs available at GTC — all taught by industry experts — attendees can select the sessions most relevant to their needs and interests. Workshops feature affordable prices, free labs, support across time zones and teaching in multiple languages.  

View the complete list of workshops and labs.   

Sessions fill up quickly, so register free for GTC and sign up for training today.