Live: NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s GTC 2019 Keynote

by Brian Caulfield

The keynote’s over, but the GPU Technology Conference has just begun.

We’ve put together a quick summary of Monday’s keynote by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang, here.

We’ll also post videos with both highlights from Monday’s keynote, as well as a full length version, when they become available.

4:50 – Research news:

4:47 – Automotive news:

4:39 – NVIDIA Introduces DRIVE AV Safety Force Field: Computational Defensive Driving Policy to Shield Autonomous Vehicles from Collisions

4:27 – NVIDIA and Microsoft Create Edge-to-Cloud Real-Time Streaming Video Analytics Solution

4:24 – NVIDIA Announces Jetson Nano: $99 Tiny, Yet Mighty NVIDIA CUDA-X AI Computer That Runs All AI Models

4:22 – NVIDIA T4 GPUs Coming to Amazon Web Services

4:19 – Global Computer Companies Announce NVIDIA-Powered Enterprise Servers Optimized for Data Science

3:53 – Data scientists, start your engines: NVIDIA Introduces New Breed of High-Performance Workstations for Millions of Data Scientists

3:41 – The latest:

3:25 – Huang discusses Clara AI – Clara AI Lets Every Radiologist Teach Their Own AI


3:18 – NVIDIA CUDA-X AI Acceleration Libraries Speed Up Machine Learning in the Cloud by 20x; Available Now on Microsoft Azure

3:07  NVIDIA RTX Server Lineup Expands to Meet Growing Demand for Data Center and Cloud Graphics Applications

3:07: A crowd-pleasing demo:

3:05  Latest news: GeForce NOW: The Cloud Gaming Service for PC Gamers

3:00 – Introducing Omniverse:

2:55 And even more news: NVIDIA, Microsoft, Epic Games, Unity and Leading Developers Kick-Start Next-Gen Gaming at GDC 2019

2:46 More news:

2:40 – RTX comes to Quake II. The crowd loves it.

2:12 – First news of the keynote: NVIDIA Announces CUDA-X AI SDK for GPU-Accelerated Data Science

2:07 – Jensen takes the stage.

1:59 – Indeed

1:54 – Another great shot from the crowd.

1:52 – The gang’s all here.

1:43 – The audience is filing in