From Smart Cities to Sports Committees, Learn How Intelligent Video Analytics Shapes the Future

GTC showcases nearly 20 sessions covering how IVA enhances cities, sporting events, the environment and more.
by Sarah Todd

With applications in industries from sports to climate science, intelligent video analytics is shaping the future.

Also known as vision AI, it turns complex video data into actionable insights, helping to manage city transportation, improve urban planning, increase safety of public spaces and even develop curated entertainment content.

For athletes and sports fans, vision AI can help make stadiums operate more efficiently, enhance broadcast streaming and measure player performance. Or, imagine a fitness coach who can be provided access to help adapt your workout routine while you exercise from home.

To foster a greener Earth, vision AI and the NVIDIA Metropolis application framework can be used to predict shoreline deterioration due to global warming, help beehives thrive for pollination, or improve recycling practices so that less waste ends up in landfill.

More than 900 talks at NVIDIA GTC, a global AI conference running virtually March 21-24, will feature some of the world’s top researchers and industry leaders in AI, high performance computing and graphics. More than 20 of the sessions are focused on vision AI.

Must-see panels at GTC will highlight how vision AI is at work in:

  • Sports — AI is making athletics more entertaining, accessible and competitive. Learn how sports organizations like ESPN, NBA, MLB and FIFA, as well as athletes and coaches, are embracing vision AI.
  • Smart cities — City leaders from Omaha, Las Vegas, San Jose and Tel Aviv will showcase how AI and computer vision can be integrated into public spaces, helping to solve key challenges related to traffic management, city planning and mobility.
  • Dirty and dangerous tasks — Dive into the leading innovations that are making factories more safe and efficient, and improving the jobs of miners and firefighters.
  • Sustainability — From automating water quality measurement to creating sustainable smart farms, hear from industry leaders who are giving Earth a helping hand using AI.

In addition, Tae-Ho Kim, CTO of Nota, will discuss how the company uses NVIDIA Omniverse and Metropolis to design smarter city infrastructure using digital twins.

Plus, check out GTC sessions that deep dive into vision AI developer tools like NVIDIA DeepStream and TAO.

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