Digital Sculptor Does Heavy Lifting With Lightweight Mobile Workstation

Marlon Nuñez designs stunning 3D characters with real-time ray tracing using the Lenovo ThinkPad P1, powered by NVIDIA RTX A5000 graphics.
by JJ Kim

As a professional digital sculptor, Marlon Nuñez is on a mission to make learning 3D art skills easier, smoother and more fun for all. And with the help of an NVIDIA RTX-powered Lenovo mobile workstation, he takes his 3D projects to the next level, wherever he goes.

Nuñez is the art director and co-founder of Art Heroes, a 3D art academy. Based in Spain, Nuñez specializes in creating digital humans and stylized 3D characters, a complex feat. But he tackles his demanding creative workflows from anywhere, thanks to his Lenovo ThinkPad P1 powered by the NVIDIA RTX A5000 Laptop GPU.

The speed and performance of RTX-powered technology enable Nuñez to create stunning characters in real time.

“As an artist, render times and look development are where you spend most of your time,” said Nuñez. “NVIDIA RTX allows you to work with ray tracing on, providing artists with the option to make these creative processes faster and easier.”

Powerful Performance on the Go

Nuñez says there are three main benefits he has experienced with his RTX-powered mobile workstation. First, it’s light — the Lenovo ThinkPad P1 packs the power of the ultra-high-end NVIDIA RTX A5000 laptop GPU into a thin chassis that only weighs around four pounds. Nuñez said he can easily travel with his portable workstation — he doesn’t even need a bag to carry it.

Second, the NVIDIA RTX GPU supports intense real-time ray tracing, which allows Nuñez to make photorealistic graphics and hyper-accurate designs. It also helps him tackle challenging tasks and maintain multiple workflows. From multitasking with several apps to rendering on the fly, RTX technology helps Nuñez easily keep up with creative tasks.

And lastly, the Lenovo ThinkPad P1 has a color-calibrated screen. Nuñez finds this preset feature particularly helpful, as it lets him see vibrant colors in his designs without having to worry about screen reflections.

All of these benefits make the ThinkPad P1 the ideal workstation for working under any scenario, the artist said. With the accelerated workflows it enables, as well as the ability to see his designs running in real time, Nuñez can finalize his 3D character designs faster than ever.

Image courtesy of Marlon Nuñez.

NVIDIA RTX Accelerates Creative Development

Nuñez creates extremely detailed 3D creations and characters, which means rendering and look development take a significant amount of time. RTX graphics cards enable unique ray-tracing capabilities that allow Nuñez to easily speed up his overall development process.

“I decided to test the NVIDIA RTX on my new Lenovo ThinkPad P1, and I was pretty shocked at how well it performed inside Unreal Engine 5 with ray tracing enabled,” said Nuñez. “I created the layout, played with the alembic hair and shaders, and used the sequencer on the scene — it was very responsive all the time.”

Ray tracing also enables artists to access extreme precision when it comes to life-like lighting. Because ray-tracing technology automatically renders light behavior in a physically accurate way, Nuñez doesn’t have to manually adjust render settings or complex setups.

Nuñez believes real-time ray tracing is already making a big difference across industries, especially for virtual productions and game development. With the help of an NVIDIA RTX GPU on a mobile workstation, creators can perform complex tasks in less time, from any location.

Learn more about NVIDIA RTX Laptop GPUs and watch Marlon Nuñez talk about his workflow below: