At Microsoft Ignite, NVIDIA AI Technology Delivers Intelligence to the Edge 

NVIDIA works with Microsoft to bring GPU-accelerated AI and visualization to data centers and the edge.
by Dave Salvator

NVIDIA is working with Microsoft to extend GPU-accelerated, AI-powered intelligence and visualization from Microsoft Azure to the enterprise data center and out to the edge. It’s part of our collaboration with Azure to deliver powerful software and hardware technologies to customers.

Come see the technology and AI demos throughout Microsoft Ignite, where over 25,000 IT professionals and enterprise developers from around the world will gather from Nov. 4-8, in Orlando.

Read on for more about our news at Ignite, and check out Microsoft’s livestream if you’re unable to attend in person.

Announcing N-Series Powered by NVIDIA GPUs for Azure Stack Hub 

Enterprises will soon be able to take advantage of GPU-accelerated applications, as NVIDIA V100 and T4 Tensor Core GPUs are being previewed on Azure Stack Hub.

NVIDIA V100 GPUs are in wide use for AI acceleration workloads, from deep learning and machine learning to HPC visualization. NVIDIA T4 GPUs are ideal for both running AI inference and compute workloads and enabling state-of-the-art graphics virtual workstations.

NVIDIA GPUs for Azure Stack Edge

At Mobile World Congress Los Angeles last month, we announced our collaboration to use Azure Stack Edge and the NVIDIA EGX platform to advance AI and computing capabilities at the edge.

Moreover, the NVIDIA Metropolis video analytics application framework, which runs on EGX, has been optimized to work with Azure IoT Edge, Azure Machine Learning service and the Azure Stack Edge, a new managed appliance powered by NVIDIA T4 GPUs.

For additional information on these offerings, check out the following sessions:

NVIDIA DeepStream and Microsoft IoT Edge

Newly available on Azure Marketplace is the NVIDIA DeepStream SDK 4.0.1 for the NVIDIA EGX platform, including support for NVIDIA Jetson and T4 GPUs. The DeepStream SDK delivers a complete streaming analytics toolkit for AI-based video, image and multi-sensor processing. The app can be connected to Azure IoT Edge runtime to communicate with Azure IoT cloud.

NVIDIA’s Metropolis framework includes the DeepStream SDK, which has been adopted by 100+ intelligent video analytics software providers for retail, manufacturing and smart cities based applications.

Sessions on this topic:

Azure Machine Learning Service with RAPIDS at Scale

Earlier this year, Azure Machine Learning service incorporated RAPIDS, the open source libraries incubated by NVIDIA that provides GPU acceleration for Pandas dataframes and scikit-learn machine learning algorithms.

Now we’re enabling RAPIDS at scale on multinode workloads using Azure Machine Learning service. Read a quick overview on Medium on how to deploy this and attend the session below.


Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay.