Simplifying Complexity of AI with Validated Designs for Data Center, Cloud, Hybrid

Joint offerings from NVIDIA and NetApp on display at NetApp Insight, Oct. 28-30, in Las Vegas.
by Bryan Gottsman

At NetApp Insight, Oct 28-30 in Las Vegas, learn how NVIDIA and NetApp are collaborating across engineering, product and industry expert teams to drive the joint validation and benchmark testing required to build and document simple, yet comprehensive reference architectures for AI, advanced 3D workloads and even Kubernetes.

These reference architectures provide a blueprint for our common partners and customers that streamlines the design and deployment of AI. The documentation provides clear guidance across required compute, storage, networking and software to address mission critical use cases in industries like healthcare, automotive and financial services.

AI Infrastructure That’s Easier, Faster and More Cost-Effective to Deploy

Meet NVIDIA in booth 706 to learn how ONTAP AI, built on NVIDIA DGX, is helping enterprises tap into the power of AI. At the show, we’ll unveil new AI infrastructure and consumption models that help organizations of every size deliver AI-powered insights sooner.

You can also learn how NetApp HCI with NVIDIA virtual GPU technology enables a seamless VDI experience from modern VDI to virtual workstations running CAD to data science and AI.

Also, visit the NetApp booth to see the recently launched NetApp HCI H615C compute node, with three NVIDIA T4 GPUs and Quadro virtual Data Center Workstation software, for a powerful, professional workstation experience from anywhere. This offering is ideal for artists, product designers, architects and engineers who need GPU acceleration to support 3D graphics and AI enabled applications.

To go deeper on AI infrastructure powered by NVIDIA and NetApp, check out the sessions below.

ONTAP AI: Infrastructure for Next-Generation Workloads Powered by NVIDIA (1329-3)

Next-generation applications built on machine learning and AI require next-generation infrastructure. Presenters from NetApp and NVIDIA will detail infrastructure solutions that deliver the highest performance and shortest time to value for enterprise ML and AI initiatives.

Learn about data management throughout the AI development process, deployment options for AI in hybrid cloud environments, deployment and management integration with Ansible and Kubernetes, and some examples of how customers are using these capabilities to change the world.

NVIDIA: Designing IT Infrastructure to Support AI-as-a-Service (9017-1)

AI promises to unlock new frontiers for business. But its adoption in the enterprise has been limited by slow-compute architectures that can’t deliver the resources demanded by modern AI use cases and shadow-IT implementations that can’t scale. Data center architects have the opportunity to lead with an infrastructure strategy that enables their business to realize the benefits of an AI-accelerated enterprise, across people, process and technology.

Explore use cases, capabilities and tools being deployed by leading AI enterprises; infrastructure designs that enable a streamlined end-to-end data science and AI workflow; and case studies featuring customer deployments of AI at scale.

How to Become the AI Hero of IT (1344-2)

Every organization wants to use AI to realize benefits such as enhancing customer relationships, streamlining supply chains and improving patient care. But most of the industry innovations thus far have happened in the absence of an IT strategy that supports and accelerates the end-to-end lifecycle of AI development and deployment across edge, core and cloud, from prototyping to production.

IT leaders have the opportunity to move beyond the confines of shadow AI and deliver a prescriptive architecture and platform that offers the fastest time-to-insights. NetApp and NVIDIA will discuss how to become the hero of your company’s AI-powered ambitions.

Attend the following sessions to hear how NVIDIA vGPU technology works with NetApp HCI solutions.

Improve Your Business with EUC and VDI on NetApp with GPUs (1218-3)

Christopher Rodriguez, principal architect of cloud infrastructure at NetApp, will provide a technical overview of NetApp HCI scalability from a small VDI deployment to a large multi-tenant data center. He’ll demonstrate flexible options with NetApp HCI GPU compute nodes for hardware graphics acceleration using NVIDIA vGPU technology.

Improve EUC with Hybrid Cloud Workspaces and Graphics Card Utilization for VDI (4026-2)

Rodriguez will also discuss how the NetApp HCI GPU node with NVIDIA vGPUs is used for end-user computing video rendering, guaranteeing service-level objectives.

And highlighting NVIDIA Clara’s cloud-native approach.

The Cloud Experience: Running Cloud-Native Applications and Kubernetes at Scale in a Data-Driven World (1424-2)

Matt Baldwin, director of Cloud Native and Kubernetes Engineering at NetApp, will describe how cloud native is emerging as the prescriptive approach to how developers ship their applications into a distributed compute and storage environment. He’ll explore approaches in managing cloud-native applications and the underlying Kubernetes infrastructure on which they run from the point of view of the IT manager, DevOps professional, app developer and data scientist.

Ahmed Harouni, senior solution architect from NVIDIA, will join Baldwin on stage for 20 minutes of this session to look at use cases for healthcare and showcase the NVIDIA Clara software stack for medical imaging.

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Image credit: Young Soo Park.