Nerding About NeRFs: How Neural Radiance Fields Transform 2D Images Into Hyperrealistic 3D Models

by Kristen Yee

Let’s talk about NeRFs — no, not the neon-colored foam dart blasters, but neural radiance fields, a technology that might just change the nature of images forever. In this episode of NVIDIA’s AI Podcast recorded live at GTC, host Noah Kravitz speaks with Michael Rubloff, founder and managing editor of, about radiance field-based technologies. NeRFs allow users to take a series of 2D images or video to create a hyperrealistic 3D model — something like a photograph of a scene, but that can be looked at from multiple angles. Tune in to learn more about the technology’s creative and commercial applications and how it might transform the way people capture and experience the world.

Watch the replay of Rubloff’s GTC session on the intersection of generative AI and extended reality.

Time Stamps

1:18: What are NeRFs?
3:01: How do NeRFs work?
3:44: What’s the difference between NeRFs and Gaussian splatting?
4:36: How are NeRFs being used?
7:22: What is a radiance field?
14:18: How might radiance fields affect creative applications?
17:50: Examples of NeRFs in action in the media right now
21:00: Rubloff’s insight on where NeRFs will go in the future

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