An On-Ramp for AI: NVIDIA Expands NGC-Ready Portfolio and Support Services

Seven new NVIDIA-powered servers added to portfolio of NGC-Ready partner systems validated for AI and machine learning; NVIDIA support covers more servers.
by Adel El Hallak

Industries are doubling down on AI for competitive advantage.

Whether it’s identifying fraud in insurance claims or predicting customer demand in retail, business leaders are realizing the benefits of AI and scaling the technology across their organizations.

Enterprises need their data scientists and developers to have the right AI-powered solutions, right now. So IT leaders and system admins are tasked to identify, purchase and support infrastructure that can be set up fast, deliver maximum performance and have minimal downtime.

They also want to work with suppliers they are comfortable with and procure systems that easily integrate with current infrastructure.

To meet these needs, we created NVIDIA NGC-Ready, a server validation program that helps buyers quickly identify systems capable of running today’s demanding AI workloads in their data centers, in the cloud and at the edge.

NGC-Ready Helps Businesses Get in the AI Fast Lane

NGC-Ready systems increase user productivity by running the AI and machine learning software provided by the NGC container registry. NGC includes GPU-accelerated software that delivers optimal performance, easy access to the latest frameworks and pre-trained models with state-of-the-art accuracy for common use cases.

We’re announcing seven new NGC-Ready validated systems from six partners:

  • ASRock Rack 2U2G_C622
  • ASUS ESC 4000 G4
  • GIGABYTE G191-H44
  • QCT QuantaGrid D52BV-2U
  • QCT QuantaGrid D52G-4U
  • Tyan TN76-B7102
  • WiWynn SV310G3

These systems join a large and growing portfolio of NGC-Ready systems offered by the world’s leading OEMs.

Powered by NVIDIA T4 and NVIDIA V100 GPUs, NGC-Ready systems make it easy for system admins to pick solutions that are the best fit for their AI workloads. These systems are validated for functionality and deliver optimized performance of AI and machine learning workloads so data scientists and developers can quickly build their solutions.

And, because each NGC-Ready validated system has demonstrated its ability to run demanding AI inference workloads at the edge, every NVIDIA T4-powered NGC-Ready system is a part of the NVIDIA EGX edge computing platform announced today.

NGC Support Services Extended to New NGC-Ready Systems

With the growth in AI adoption, many IT teams are managing new types of workloads, software stacks and hardware for a diverse set of users. They need to address issues fast, but may lack the expertise.

NVIDIA’s NGC Support Services provide enterprise-grade support to ensure NGC-Ready systems run optimally and maximize system utilization and user productivity. The services are available for purchase as an option with all of the NGC-Ready systems announced today.

The support services cover L1-L3 issues and provide IT teams with direct access to NVIDIA subject-matter experts to quickly address software issues, minimize system downtime and maintain user productivity.

NGC Software Enables AI Everywhere: Data Center, Cloud and Edge

To effectively build AI applications and workflows, development software needs to run in the data center, in the cloud and on the edge. A common use case is to train models in the data center or cloud, where processing power is abundant, but then deploy the trained models for inference on the edge, where new data comes in for prediction.

For example, organizations are discovering the power of video analytics for use cases such as parking management, retail inventory replenishment, securing critical infrastructure and logistics management.

To help with this, NGC provides a comprehensive AI workflow that enables training where the data resides — on premises or in the cloud — with the NVIDIA TAO Toolkit. And NVIDIA’s DeepStream SDK enables inference at the edge, closer to where data is collected.

Deploy NGC-Ready Systems Today On-Prem or at the Edge

Quickly deploy AI infrastructure and maximize user productivity either on-prem or at the edge with NGC-Ready systems and NGC Support Services today.