Around the World in AI Days: NVIDIA’s Keith Strier Talks AI Nations

by Lauren Finkle

As NVIDIA’s vice president of worldwide AI initiatives, Keith Strier is thinking on a global scale.

He leads an initiative called AI Nations, a worldwide program that helps government leaders and stakeholders develop plans to implement AI to advance national priorities and drive economic growth.

Strier spoke to AI Podcast host Noah Kravitz about AI Nations, and how NVIDIA helps countries harness all the capabilities of AI — from enhancing their local startup ecosystems to developing autonomous public transportation systems.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Canada was the first country to adopt a national AI strategy, and now more than 50 others have a plan in place, with more countries in the preliminary stages.
  • Strier said that countries that are most successful implementing a national AI plan often use methods such as sponsoring pilots in the public sector and helping forge connections between industry, academia and the government.
  • Strier said the AI Nations program is key because AI is taking place everywhere, from the edge to workstations to supercomputers, and becoming more widely accessible.


“AI is arguably the 26th general-purpose technology in 10,000 years.” — Keith Strier [12:50]

“National AI plans are a roadmap for the new critical infrastructure that will propel countries forward.” — Keith Strier [26:50]

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