Unlocking AI for Enterprises: Join NVIDIA at Oracle CloudWorld

Learn how to advance AI capabilities with the NVIDIA AI platform on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
by Rohil Bhargava

In rapidly evolving tech landscapes, an AI strategy is essential for organizations to build and maintain a competitive advantage. To develop and deploy generative AI applications while balancing cost and performance, enterprises need a robust, scalable and efficient platform that can handle the massive workloads modern AI applications demand.

NVIDIA is working with Oracle to bring the next wave of AI innovation forward by supporting customers through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Listen to NVIDIA and Oracle experts at Oracle CloudWorld, taking place Sept. 18-21 in Las Vegas, to learn how organizations can optimally build, customize and deploy AI-powered applications.

NVIDIA and Oracle’s collaboration is marked by innovations that have set new standards in AI and cloud computing. From using OCI’s AI cloud infrastructure of bare-metal, RDMA cluster networking and storage to leveraging NVIDIA AI, an end-to-end, open platform for production AI, enterprises can harness state-of-the-art technology to support all major AI use cases, including applications powered by large language models.

OCI was the first cloud service provider to run NVIDIA DGX Cloud, giving enterprises instant access to an AI supercomputer from a browser. Whether companies need access to a single node or tens of thousands of GPUs to accelerate workloads, OCI offers a variety of NVIDIA Tensor Core GPU compute instances as well as GPU-powered superclusters with RDMA.

Depending on time-to-market, budget, performance and power constraints, organizations can choose from the GPU compute instances available on OCI, including NVIDIA A10 Tensor Core GPUs designed for mainstream graphics and video with AI and NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs that deliver unprecedented performance, scalability and security with a dedicated Transformer Engine for trillion-parameter language models.

In addition to NVIDIA hardware, OCI also supports NVIDIA AI Enterprise, which optimizes and streamlines the development and deployment of enterprise-grade accelerated AI software.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise features support services along with enterprise-grade stability, security and manageability for open-sourced containers and frameworks that support the whole AI pipeline — including NVIDIA NeMo, a framework for building, customizing and deploying large language models, and NVIDIA Triton Inference Server, an open-source inference-serving software that enables teams to deploy trained AI models from any framework.

Using Triton Inference Server, OCI Vision achieved 50% lower latency and 2x more throughput when deploying deep learning-based image analysis workloads. OCI customer Twist Bioscience achieved a 36% reduction in protein structure-prediction time with NVIDIA A10 Tensor Core GPUs.

At Oracle CloudWorld, learn about offerings from NVIDIA and OCI by registering for the sessions below.

See the full NVIDIA session catalog at Oracle CloudWorld 2023.

Visit the Oracle AI Pavilion, sponsored by NVIDIA and centrally located on the show floor, to see demos including:

  • NVIDIA Hardware Show-and-Tell: Get a close look at physical examples of NVIDIA GPUs, baseboards and other hardware components. Learn about the various parts, their purposes and how they fit in OCI.
  • Power and Flexibility: NVIDIA DGX Cloud on OCI: Learn how NVIDIA DGX Cloud can be used to power a wide variety of workloads and usage models, and see how the NVIDIA NeMo framework maximizes the performance of DGX Cloud on OCI.

The AI Pavilion will also feature demos from Convai, Gemelo.ai, HEAVY.AI and Inworld.

Additional sessions will be held at the Oracle Cloud Health Conference at Caesars Forum.