From Intern to Innovator: Securing the Future With Neha Hudait

by Haley Hirai

It’s always been important to Neha Hudait to explore how tech’s latest innovations could help others — and make them feel safe, understood and confident.

Hudait joined NVIDIA in 2022 as a technical security product manager after completing two internships at the company while studying electrical engineering, computer science and business administration at UC Berkeley.

She and her team collaborate across the company to keep NVIDIANs safe in their everyday digital operations, analyzing processes and developing security products. Their work reduces cloud security vulnerabilities for NVIDIA and the broader industry, and aims to increase security consciousness.

“I’m passionate about inspiring and rallying people around a mission,” Hudait said. “If we do that, the technology and innovation will come naturally.”

What led you to NVIDIA?

  • In my initial discussion with my manager, it became clear that our values resonated with each other.
  • At NVIDIA, it’s unique how leadership isn’t restricted by title or seniority. I have the autonomy to guide my team toward shared goals, whether it’s facilitating a business objective or mitigating a security threat. That’s not something that you expect to feel as an intern or new college graduate, and I felt that on day one.

How has mentorship impacted your success at NVIDIA?

  • Having two mentors from day one was pivotal. It helped me gain an understanding of my projects and how they fit in the bigger picture of enabling our business objectives and decreasing overall security risk to the organization.
  • There was a true investment in me not only as an intern, but as a person and team member.

You’ve gone from mentee to mentor. What’s that been like?

  • My fellow mentors and I wanted to set our intern up for success. We prepared a plan and resources ahead of our intern’s arrival to make sure they had a positive experience.
  • Being a mentor has been a great learning experience, and it taught me to be empathetic to challenges I didn’t personally encounter as an intern.

Is there an accomplishment you’re most proud of?

  • My team launched a new product line, NVIDIA Attestation Suite, to help protect the confidentiality and integrity of AI models and algorithms deployed on NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs. It enables users to attest that their H100 GPUs are trustworthy. Pivoting from launching internal products to launching external product lines early in my career is one of my proudest moments as an NVIDIAN.
  • I co-lead NVIDIA’s Women in Product Security group, which is focused on supporting, developing and celebrating the women and nonbinary individuals on the security team. We’ve also created WIPS Allies, where the wider security team discusses allyship and mentorship.

What do you have going on outside NVIDIA?

  • I enjoy Capture the Flag, a puzzle-like game where players need to find a key passphrase. This initially sparked my interest in cybersecurity, and it’s always fun to try to (safely) break things.
  • Another hobby of mine is cooking. I’m currently making a dish from every country in the world!

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