NVIDIA Studio Takes Left, Right and Center Stage at SIGGRAPH with 50 RTX Studio Laptops Powering Demos Across the Show Floor

by Stanley Tack

Innovators in computer graphics from around the globe descended this week on the annual SIGGRAPH conference to catch a glimpse of the future.

As the Los Angeles Convention Center’s doors flung open, a sea of NVIDIA green rose. Across the show floor, dozens of software and computer makers are demoing the latest applications — featuring real-time ray tracing and advanced AI — on NVIDIA RTX Studio laptops and mobile workstations.

More than 35 partners are running over 50 RTX Studio devices. An array of the world’s leading computer graphics companies are showcasing their applications, including: Adobe, Ansys, Autodesk, BinaryVR, Blackmagic Design, Blender, Boris FX, Chaos Group, Colorfront, Epic Games, Foundry, Luxion, Maxon, Noitom, OTOY, Pixar, PTC, Reallusion, Redshift, Siemens and Unity.

In the NVIDIA booth alone, attendees can get hands-on with and learn more about 14 demos featuring:

  • 8K video editing with REDCINE-X PRO as well as Adobe Premiere Pro on a Razer Blade 15
  • VFX with Boris FX and After Effects on a Razer Blade 15
  • Product design with real-time ray tracing using McNeel Rhino with Luxion KeyShot on a Lenovo P53
  • RTX-powered ray tracing with Modo and Modo Renderer on a Lenovo P5
  • Architectural visualization in Autodesk Revit with Enscape on an MSI WS65
  • Mechanical visualizations with RTX-powered ray tracing and AI de-noising in SOLIDWORKS Visualize on a MSI WS65
  • Layout and set dressing with real-time ray tracing in Isotropix Clarisse on an Acer ConceptD 7
  • Concept design with RTX-powered ray tracing in Adobe Dimension on an Acer ConceptD 7
  • Interactive ray tracing with cloud boost using Chaos Group V-Ray and Project Lavina on an HP ZBook 17
  • 3D painting with RTX bakers using Substance Painter on the ASUS StudioBook W500
  • RTX-powered ray tracing with OTOY OctaneRender on the ASUS StudioBook W500
  • 3D animation and ray tracing using Maxon Cinema 4D and Redshift on a GIGABYTE AERO 15 OLED
  • 3D animation and ray tracing powered by RTX in Blender 2.8 and Blender Cycles on a GIGABYTE AERO 15
  • AI-enhanced video editing and color grading in Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve on a Dell Precision 7740

Our partners are spread across the show floor, highlighting the impact of RTX on creative workflows:

  • A tech demo of the NVIDIA RTX GPU rendering capabilities of Adobe Dimension is on display in the NVIDIA booth (#1303). Follow the GPU Rendering section on the Adobe Dimension Feedback Portal to stay informed on when the RTX renderer becomes available.
  • Blackmagic Design is hosting free DaVinci Resolve training at in their booth (#903) at SIGGRAPH, exclusively on RTX Studio laptops from Lenovo. Attendees can learn more about DaVinci Resolve 16 and Fusion 16 during training sessions on VFX compositing, motion graphics, Resolve Color correction, GPU-accelerated AI and other features. The free DaVinci Resolve training is provided daily but space is limited.
  • Unveiled in March, the Autodesk Arnold GPU public beta introduced a first taste of GPU rendering. On display this week, Arnold GPU 5.4 adds support for OSL, OpenVDB, reduced noise in indirect lighting and much more. Arnold GPU 5.4 is still in beta, so look for a full release later this year.
  • Chaos Group is providing the first public demonstration of V-Ray with RTX ray-tracing support, yielding dramatic speedups. They’re also showing a demo of Project Lavina, a real-time rendering environment, built from the ground up with DXR, to enable real-time interactivity of scenes built in V-Ray.
  • Maxon’s press conference featured an RTX Studio laptop showcasing a demo of Redshift 3 with RTX-powered ray tracing and Cinema 4D R21. Attendees can check out the demo in the Maxon booth (#1227).

And there’s much more on the show floor from Epic Games (#1319), Foundry (#925), OTOY (#1141), Unity (#1241) and countless others.

At SIGGRAPH 2019, the world’s top ISVs have turned “RTX On,” displayed for everyone to see on RTX Studio laptops and mobile workstations.