‘Get On the Train,’ NVIDIA CEO Says at ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2024

Embrace AI, NVIDIA’s Jensen Huang says as ServiceNow showcases an AI avatar of the future for its generative AI experience Now Assist powered by NVIDIA AI software. 
by Anne Hecht

Now’s the time to hop aboard AI, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang declared Wednesday as ServiceNow unveiled a demo of futuristic AI avatars together with NVIDIA during a keynote at the Knowledge 24 conference in Las Vegas.

“If something is moving a million times faster every 10 years, what should you do?” Huang asked, citing rapid advancements in AI capabilities. “The first thing you should do is instead of looking at the train, from the side is … get on the train, because on the train, it’s not moving that fast.”

The demo — built on NVIDIA NIM inference microservices and NVIDIA Avatar Cloud Engine, or ACE, speech and animation generative AI technologies, all available with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software — highlighted how AI advancements support cutting-edge digital avatar communications and have the potential to revolutionize customer service interactions.

The demo showed a customer who was struggling with a slow internet connection interacting with a digital avatar. The AI customer service avatar comes to the rescue –  swiftly diagnoses the problem, offers an option for a faster internet connection, confirms the customer’s credit card number and upgrades their internet connection immediately.

The futuristic demonstration took place in front of thousands of conference attendees who were eager to learn about the latest enterprise generative AI technology advancements, which promise to empower workers across the globe.

“We’ve transitioned from instruction-driven computer coding, which very few people can do, to intention-driven computing, which is connecting with somebody through intention,” Huang said during an on-stage conversation at the conference with ServiceNow Chief Operating Officer Chirantan “CJ” Desai.

The moment is another compelling example of the ongoing collaboration between ServiceNow and NVIDIA to explore more engaging, personal service experiences across various functions, including IT services, human resources, customer support and more.

The demonstration builds upon the companies’ plan to collaborate on robust, generative AI capabilities within enterprise operations and incorporates NVIDIA ACE and NVIDIA NIM microservices.

These avatars are designed to add a human-like touch to digital interactions, improving customer experience by providing empathetic and efficient support.

These include NVIDIA Riva for automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech, NVIDIA Audio2Face for facial animation, and NVIDIA Omniverse Renderer for high-quality visual output.

ServiceNow and NVIDIA are further exploring the use of AI avatars to provide another communication option for users who prefer visual interactions.


Visit this link to watch a recording of Huang and Desai presenting the digital avatar demo at the Knowledge 24 keynote.