NVIDIA and Nutanix Expand Scope of Virtualization Workloads

NVIDIA vGPU technology and Nutanix AHV combine to accelerate VDI, HPC and AI applications.
by Anne Hecht

From AI to VDI, enterprises need to support a range of professional workloads.

NVIDIA and Nutanix are helping them do this through a combination of NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) software and the new release of Nutanix AHV.

This combo enables enterprises to use GPU-accelerated servers for compute and graphics workloads in virtualized data centers. Expanded support for NVIDIA vGPU software provides Nutanix AHV customers with new features such as streamlined GPU management and live migration.

The new release also includes support for NVIDIA RTX 6000 and 8000 GPUs, allowing professionals to use capabilities like accelerated ray tracing, deep learning and advanced shading to boost productivity and creative workflows.

Additional new features of Nutanix AHV include:

  • Extended support of vGPU software for AI workloads. Nutanix AHV adds support for NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server (vCS), which enables GPU virtualization for AI workloads such as training and inference.
  • Easier management of GPU servers. Users can streamline deployment and management of GPU-accelerated servers in the enterprise data center for AI and VDI workloads.
  • Expanded support for multiple vGPU instances. Multiple GPUs can be assigned to a single VM, allowing users to handle larger models and increasingly demanding AI and graphics workflows.
  • Live migration of GPU-accelerated VMs. With live migration from one node to another, teams can easily manage their hardware infrastructure and perform upgrades and maintenance without disrupting running VMs.

“As GPU use cases in the data center have evolved from graphics-intensive applications to AI and machine learning, we’re providing customers with a solution that can keep up with their needs,” said Luke Congdon, director of product management of Nutanix AHV. “With NVIDIA vGPU software and Nutanix AHV, IT professionals can streamline operations and tackle any of these complex workloads in a virtualized environment.”

Previous releases of Nutanix AHV provided support for NVIDIA vGPU products such as the NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS) for professional graphics users and NVIDIA Virtual PC (vPC) for mainstream VDI.

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