Quadro RTX Laptops Bring Performance and Innovation to Professionals at Home

by John Della Bona

Professionals are facing new challenges when it comes to working remotely. There’s a growing demand for high-quality digital content, new products, and virtual experiences — while the need to meet tight deadlines remains, even when working from home.

Many people rely on powerful desktop or virtual workstations for performance-intensive tasks like 8K editing, product design, rendering and data science. With recent advances in technology, this power can now also be easily taken anywhere.

NVIDIA is partnering with the world’s leading mobile workstation and laptop manufacturers to provide desktop-level performance on the go. The new NVIDIA Quadro-powered systems pack the power of an ultra-high-end desktop into a thin, light mobile design.

These laptops and workstations take full advantage of NVIDIA RTX technology to deliver real-time ray tracing, AI-accelerated workflows and fast compute capabilities with up to 24GB of GDDR6 memory to handle massive models and datasets.

Many of these laptops and workstations are also NVIDIA Studio validated products. NVIDIA Studio is a platform that empowers creators to accelerate their work on over 50 RTX-accelerated applications. From virtual production to architectural visualization, the most demanding professional workloads are now possible on a thin and light laptop.

With over 25 designs powered by Quadro announced in the last year, there are more options than ever for creators, designers and engineers to get professional-quality work done quickly from anywhere.

Some of the new systems recently announced by our partners include:

ProArt StudioBook One

ASUS is breaking the barriers of what’s possible in a laptop with the newly available StudioBook One, the first and only laptop available today that is powered by NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 GPUs built on NVIDIA’s ACE reference design. Packing an incredible 24GB of GPU memory, this NVIDIA Studio laptop is the ultimate mobile workstation for professionals.

“More than ever, many of our customers are beginning (and sometimes finishing) their edits on set and on location. The new mobile RTX 6000, which offers identical R3D decode performance as its desktop counterpart, is truly an incredible achievement by ASUS and NVIDIA. Faster than real time 8K processing in a mobile workstation will give filmmakers the power they need to work smarter and faster than ever before, even when they are on the move.”

— Jarred Land, president, RED Digital Cinema

Dell Precision Series

Dell recently launched a new lineup of Precision mobile workstations featuring powerful Quadro RTX GPUs. The new Precision 5750 workstation provides a large 17-inch InfinityEdge 16:10 display within a thin and light form factor, powered by an RTX 3000 graphics card. The 7750 and 7550 workstations feature the latest Quadro GPUs, up to RTX 5000 with 16GB of GPU memory so designers can tackle large models and datasets, as well as emerging technologies like VR and AI.

HP ZBook Studio, ZBook Fury, ZBook Power, ZBook Firefly

HP is pushing innovation to new levels with its thin and light HP ZBook Studio G7 laptop, powered by up to Quadro RTX 5000 graphics. Professionals can use the laptop for AI, data science, intensive rendering, gaming and product design. Z by HP also announced the ZBook Fury with up to Quadro RTX 5000, the ZBook Power with up to Quadro T2000, and the ZBook Firefly powered by the Quadro P520 to deliver lightweight and effective solutions for design professionals across various performance needs.

Lenovo P15 and P17

Lenovo launched the new P15 and P17 mobile workstations powered by Quadro RTX, ushering in the next evolution of their mobile workstations. With available GPU options up to Quadro RTX 5000, these cutting-edge systems can handle any rendering, simulation, AI or design task with ease.

Microsoft SurfaceBook 3

Microsoft unveiled the new Surface Book 3 in May. It’s the first time a Surface Book has featured Quadro RTX graphics, with a Quadro RTX 3000 inside to unlock ray tracing and AI for professional mobile design.The sleek, thin and lightweight system offers a unique form factor, including a detachable keyboard to transform into a tablet at any time.

Beyond high-end performance, Quadro GPUs deliver enterprise-grade support, productivity tools like Quadro Experience, multi-display technologies, over 100 ISV certifications and a specialized Quadro driver that is tuned and optimized for professional workloads like 3D design, photoreal rendering and simulation.

With these powerful new laptops, professionals have a large variety of choices to stay productive wherever they choose to work.

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