New NVIDIA RTX Enterprise Drivers Deliver Enhanced Performance, Optimization for RTX GPUs

R535 driver, available now, includes support for the RTX 5000 and 4000 Ada Generation GPUs.
by Daniel Lee

The latest NVIDIA RTX Enterprise Driver release 535 (R535), available now, provides advanced tools and powerful performance to boost graphics workflows — and lets users get the most out of their RTX GPUs.

The driver includes support for the recently announced NVIDIA RTX 5000 and 4000 Ada Generation GPUs, optimizing and increasing their performance for demanding graphics tasks.

Professionals and teams can tap features that improve synchronization between multiple displays.

Plus, the R535 driver is certified with a multitude of professional applications, allowing workstation users to carry out projects with maximum performance and minimal disruptions.

Tackle Demanding Graphics Work With a Simple Driver Update

Each NVIDIA RTX Enterprise Driver update delivers innovation and improvement to RTX GPUs.

For teams that use NVIDIA Quadro Sync II boards, the R535 driver increases timing precision when synchronizing multiple displays. It also provides the ability for external synchronization signals to be multiplied or divided.

Quadro Sync II users can also achieve enhanced support for synchronization of displays with different resolutions, which enables creative and complex installations.

Additional features include:

  • Support for Direct3D, a 3D graphics application programming interface, with NVIDIA GPUDirect technology, which enables reading and writing to GPU framebuffer memory through NVIDIA networking.
  • Expanded NVIDIA control panel menus for users on systems connected to a remote desktop, or for when their primary display isn’t connected to an NVIDIA GPU.
  • Easier access to system-topology details, NVIDIA Mosaic multi-display technology setup and GPU utilization.
  • Refinements to the QSync2 command line utilities, which  enhance readability of data-type values and command-line parameters.
  • Reduced driver package size by up to 25%, which helps facilitate handling and delivery, especially when deploying across numerous systems in an enterprise.

Learn more about the NVIDIA Enterprise Driver, and read about the latest NVIDIA RTX GPUs announced at SIGGRAPH.