NVIDIA’s Simon Yuen Talks About the Future Horizon of Digital Humans

by Clarissa Garza

We all know about the applications for digital humans for films and video games, but at NVIDIA, Simon Yuen has discovered the vast need and potential for digital humans beyond the entertainment industry.

Yuen spoke with NVIDIA AI Podcast host Noah Kravitz about how we’re getting to a point where the simulation of digital humans is possible as opposed to just the visual representation.

Yuen leads the Digital Human project at NVIDIA. One of the first products the team is developing is Audio2Face, an AI based solution that automates high quality facial animation in real-time, based only on audio as input.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • For the AI to simulate human behavior, the system not only learns the behavior but also the physics behind each movement.
  • Audio2Face is a technology that creates facial animation, specifically for lip sync, voice-based animation. Picture the six-year-old daughter of Yuen’s coworker saying ‘happy birthday’ as a rhino.


“We are at a point where programs can write programs that no humans can write. And as cliché as that may sound, it is very true. ” — Simon Yuen [21:34]

“So I think this idea of metaverse for enterprises is very real, and it’s coming” — Simon Yuen [28:59]

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