GPU Powered: 8 Startups You Won’t Want to Miss at GTC

Get a glimpse of the future with NVIDIA Inception partners at the GPU Technology Conference.
by Milton Kyu

Cargo ships that can self-navigate. A massive marketplace for AI-authenticated collectible sneakers. Professional translation at 5x speed.

These are just some of the hot businesses presenting at our GPU Technology Conference next month.

Eight NVIDIA Inception startups will be giving talks at our biggest event of the year. These pioneering companies are being propelled by NVIDIA GPUs in the pursuit to reshape industries.

NVIDIA Inception is a virtual accelerator program whose mission is to help startups get to market faster. Members get access to NVIDIA GPU discounts, technical guidance and business networking opportunities.

This year’s batch of eight startups presenting at the Inception Showcase at GTC will be speaking to an audience of peers, corporate executives, media and investors.

Here’s a peek at the eight:

Shone, based in San Francisco, is making a splash with the cargo shipping industry, providing similar benefits as autonomous features do for vehicles. It applies NVIDIA GPUs to cargo ship data such as sonar, radar, GPS and AIS, a ship-to-ship tracking system. This enables speedy processing of terabytes of training data on Shone’s custom algorithms to develop perception, navigation and control systems for ocean freighters.

GOAT, which just landed $100 million in new funding, is the world’s largest sneaker marketplace that uses AI to authenticate shoe listings for sought after collectible kicks. The Culver City, Calif., startup, which has expanded to more than 500 employees, attracts more than 10 million users and is growing at an astronomical rate since its founding in 2015.

Lilt’s platform boosts the work of professional translators and increases the domain expertise for specific projects with its hybrid human-machine training pipeline. The San Francisco startup’s software enables users to review each line of text in one language and translate it into another, offering entire lines of translation suggestions.

Babblelabs, which is upgrading digitized speech with AI, may emerge as a big player in solving the cocktail party problem of background noise. The Campbell, Calif., startup’s Clear Cloud API, trained on NVIDIA GPUs, offers automatic speech enhancement and noise reduction for sound processing.

Mapillary is developing detailed maps by integrating computer vision technology with community collaboration. The Malmö, Sweden-based startup collects street-level images from cameras to build visualizations of the world in efforts to improve maps, helping cities plan their development and contributing to the development of the automotive industry.

Prenav is a drone developer focused on infrastructure inspections. The Redwood City, Calif., startup uses its home-brewed lidar and guidance system to put drones in close proximity to industrial inspection points and can navigate indoors without access to GPS. The company’s inspections include U.S. cell phone towers and energy infrastructure.

VYASA Analytics’s deep learning platform enables customers to run queries in life sciences, healthcare, marketing, legal and business intelligence. The Boston-based startup unleashes GPUs to help customers tap into data silos to extract insights.

Kinetica offers a platform that combines streaming and historical data with location intelligence and machine learning-powered analytics. Companies in the automotive, energy, telecommunications, retail, and financial services industries use the platform’s GPU-accelerated computing power to build custom analytical applications that deliver real-time results.

Don’t miss these talks on Tuesday, March 19, from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Register for GTC here.