Artistry With Adobe: Creator Esteban Toro Delivers Inspirational Master Class Powered by AI and RTX

Plus, Chat with RTX debuts; register for in-person GTC; and it’s Omniverse OpenUSD month this week ‘In the NVIDIA Studio.’
by Gerardo Delgado

Adobe is putting generative AI into the hands of creators with Adobe Firefly — powered by NVIDIA in the cloud — and adding to its impressive app lineup with exciting new features.

The AI-powered Enhance Speech tool, available soon in Adobe Premiere Pro, is accelerated by NVIDIA RTX. This new feature removes unwanted noise and improves the quality of dialogue clips so they sound professionally recorded.

Esteban Toro, senior community relationship manager at Adobe and this week’s featured In the NVIDIA Studio artist, expertly wields AI-powered features in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to create his emotionally moving Cinematic Portraits series.

A sneak peek of Toro’s work.

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Storytelling With Adobe AI and RTX 

The talented Toro is driven by stories.

Stories fuel Toro’s creative process.

“Understanding how every person has a different upbringing and how the decisions they made took them to different places is absolutely inspiring,” said Toro. “When I discover a story worth telling, I just feel a necessity to tell it — and tell it right.”

It’s those stories that gave rise to Cinematic Portraits, a photo and video collection of people Toro’s befriended, such as Korean painter Kim Nam Soon, age 81, who impressively learned how to paint at 65.


Toro’s planning process is long and thorough — he can only retell stories by first having a conversation with each subject, making sure that they understand what the project is about and building a relationship with them so they feel comfortable enough to authentically share.

He captures video and photos of his subjects using Hasselblad and Sony camera gear. Then, he uses Adobe apps, accelerated by GeForce RTX and NVIDIA RTX technology, in post-production.

Toro deployed the Enhance Speech tool to boost the clarity and quality of voice recordings and adjusted enhancement levels with the Mix Amount setting — all powered by AI. The feature is 75% faster on a GeForce RTX 4090 laptop GPU compared with an RTX 3080 Ti.

“Without AI, the footage, filmed in challenging, noisy conditions, would be unusable,” he said.

The Text-Based Editing tool in Premiere Pro allowed Toro to use speech-to-text AI capabilities to automatically create captions, supported in 18 languages, for video footage — speeding the editing process.

The Text-Based Editing tool can create a transcription of a video sequence and add captions.

Toro also used the Filler Word Detection feature, which detects and deletes filler words and pauses, to achieve cleaner, more accurate transcripts. Filler words are language agnostic, so the feature works in all 18 languages supported in Text-Based Editing.

Adobe expert Esteban Toro hard at work.

Adobe offers a wide variety of time-saving features, such as the AI-powered Auto Reframe tool for automated editing in multiple size formats for social media with project templates. Toro’s NVIDIA Studio laptop with the GeForce RTX 4070 graphics card accelerates all of these powerful tools.

Final file exports were achieved 4x faster than with a CPU alone thanks to the GPU-accelerated NVIDIA video encoder (NVENC). Toro quickly and easily added finishing touches in Photoshop Lightroom, using the RTX-accelerated, AI-powered Raw Details feature to refine the color detail of his high-resolution RAW images, and the Super Resolution feature to upscale images with higher quality than traditional methods.

“Having a dedicated GPU for video projects when filming high-quality video is almost mandatory,” said Toro. “Using NVIDIA GPUs allows me to render and process my projects faster, so the post-processing tools are serving my creative ideas, and I’m not limited by what the computer can do, but exactly what I want to create.”

Artist and Adobe expert Esteban Toro.

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