Anchors Away: We’re Launching an AI Podcast, Here’s How to Tune In

by Brian Caulfield

Few things are more interesting than good conversation. And, right now, few things are more worthy of a good conversation than AI.

Driven by deep learning — a technology that’s mysterious even to some of the people who have conjured it — AI is remaking everything in the world around us.

That’s why we’re launching the AI Podcast.

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Its host is longtime technology journalist Michael Copeland, whose elegant prose once made its home at Wired and Fortune magazines (and now graces our blog).

Our goal: To help everyone who knows they need to get smart about AI get their heads around the topic. And use it as a new way to look at the world it’s changing.

Tune In

First up is a podcast setting out the basics of modern AI. Michael’s guest is Will Ramey, a gifted explainer of all things deep learning and longtime NVIDIA veteran working on GPU computing.

Future podcasts will feature supercomputer scientists at the cutting edge of the field, urban planners, tinkerers who are using deep learning to deal with age-old challenges in a startling new ways. With many more to come.

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